Monday, September 25

Freelensing Photography Experimentation!

I know I am a little late to the game, but I am finally learning a new photography technique called freelensing. You take off your camera lens and hold it against your camera while tilting it different ways to get a lensbaby-type effect. Here is a great tutorial.

I have a Canon Rebel and use the (affiliate link) Nifty 50 lens. Right now I am shooting up close, but I hope to learn how to capture ones with my boys like this.

I love the creamy bokeh! 

This rose hip looks magical.

I love the textures (sharp pinecone versus soft feather) in this one.

I shot up so the leaves would be highlighted by the sun.

This is a very interesting effect. When you tilt your lens you can also get a gorgeous flare effect. These colors are amazing!!!

If you decide to give freelensing a try I would love to see your images on my Facebook page!!

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  1. Talk about living dangerously! LOL The effects are very cool, though!
    Thanks for sharing. I had never heard of this.

    1. Hee hee, I don't know if I would do this if I had an expensive lens and camera. It is really a cool effect!


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