Friday, April 28

{Friday Photo Bliss} Imp Turns 10!!!

Today I am posting some photos I took during the last couple of weeks.

Imp just turned 10!!!

This was their idea of a great birthday-party-pose.

The males in my family are weird.

Ten candles plus the 2 extra ones in the middle of the cheesecake to create the giant "10". Imp was so excited to be in the double-digits.

Note to self: Don't forget to apply makeup and comb your hair before your child's birthday party as these are the few photos you will have with your kids.

Easter egg hunting.

Note to self: The same reminder to apply makeup and comb hair applies not only on birthdays but during all holidays.

Duke is very competitive and found more eggs. The eggs contained dollar bills, pistachios, and almond M&M's and Duke found all but one of the candy versions.

I suggested they split the candy ones evenly, which was promptly ignored, and I noticed that Duke had set up an exchange rate where Imp had to give him two-three nut or dollar eggs for one M&M egg.

Imp was fine with it, but I made the MAJOR PARENTING MISTAKE of getting involved when it was not  necessary. I found out how many extra almond M&M's Duke had in his basket and I gave Imp the same number from the left-over candy bag in the pantry.

Duke was FURIOUS and said that he won those extra M&M's fair and square and next time he wouldn't even bother doing an Easter Egg Hunt if we were going break rules.

Paul was sick and tired of Duke arguing and (in his eyes) being so selfish and he snapped and got into Duke's face and told him that not only did he not have to participate in Easter Egg Hunts ever again, Duke didn't deserve any eggs at all.

Duke's eyes started watering and I felt horrible for him since I was the one who started everything by breaking my own rule of not getting involved in things that did not involve me. I just knew that I had ruined our Easter Sunday... :-(

There were a few tears and some hurt feeling all around for a few minutes; but everyone made up, Duke got his eggs back, and the rest of Easter was wonderful.

We love blackberry season! We pick the berries at the greenbelt by our house. This year we were smart and wore boots, jeans, and carried a big stick. We didn't see any snakes but did find a giant wolf spider which freaked all of us out.

I am scared of big spiders.

But it was worth it when we made cobbler.

We also went the the Arabia Shrine Circus. This was our third time but the first time that Imp would remember. This year they had a human cannonball! Wow, I had never seen this act before in all of my years of circus-going and it was so amazing!

If you ever have the chance to go to this circus do it.

And of course we hit the park this week.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your now in the double digits birthday boy. I know my grandson who is 10 was thrilled to be the age where there is two numbers. Enjoyed reading your story.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

    1. Thank you so much Pea bea!!!! 10 is a big deal. Kids are so cute.

  2. First of all, Happy Birthday to Imp! My own birthday and my hubby's too were last week as well!

    Sounds like it has been a busy time for you guys! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend yourself.

    Lisa D.

    1. Happy birthday to both of you guys!!! And have a great weekend!!!

  3. Happy birthday, Imp! Those Easter egg hunts tend to turn out BAD with someone getting more eggs...especially those big municipal hunts! We went to one and I said, "NEVER again!" Wow! LOVE those blackberries!

    1. Jill, I have never been brave enough to go to one of those big Easter egg hunts. I am scarred just from the family ones. ;-)


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