Saturday, March 25

{Friday Photo Bliss}

I am one day late with my {Friday Photo Bliss}. The pollen has been crazy here and I haven't felt 100% thanks to allergies. I usually don't have a problem but this year everyone I know is suffering. Probably because it has been spring since January. ;-)

Some pretty flowers, oops I mean weeds. We didn't eat these.

If Piper is going to pull, he might as well give someone a ride. He is 80 pounds now and he can pull with 1pp (Piper Power).

The creek is low so we are able to get across once again to explore the other side.  If you look closely where Duke is staring in the water you will see a giant snakeskin... I was scared to walk back across those boards!

We found several new greenbelts leading to a really nice subdivision close to the airport. It is so pretty back here! We also found blackberry bushes full of flowers so we will go blackberry picking the next weeks. We love fresh blackberries.

Of course one the boys told their best friend about the blackberries so we had to go back so he could explore with us. I even convinced Paul to join us. Paul loves a good adventure hike, unless of course the weather is nice and then he would rather be flying.

 We didn't find many ripe blackberries, but the boys were able to entertain themselves just fine.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your latest update. Have a great week Rita.

    Lisa D.

    1. You are so welcome Lisa, and have a great weekend too!!!


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