Thursday, March 16

CoffeeShop "Sapphire Luxe" Fine Art Photoshop/PSE Action!

Today I have a beautiful new fine art Photoshop/PSE action called "Sapphire Luxe". This action adds a gorgeous dramatic cool tint to your image and it is completely adjustable. 

If you want to download the original images I used on this post, you can find them on Unsplash (dog, leather bag, ivy woman, baby shoes).

CoffeeShop "Sapphire Luxe" Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

I opened this beautiful original image and ran "Sapphire Luxe". The screenshot above is the image with no adjustments. As you can see, I will need to adjust the layers on this edit as it is too blue and dark.

I start with the "Add Light" layer. Click to select the layer mask and grab a soft white low opacity brush. Click on any areas you want to lighten, such as skin. I clicked directly on her face and neck. 

I will adjust the  contrast later so I don't worry so much about it being too light at this point. However, I can also adjust the opacity if needed.

I lowered the opacity of the "Blue Luxe Extreme" layer to 34%. You can also use a soft dark brush on the layer mask to selectively remove it from your image. I love the color now, but I need to add some definition and contrast.

I turned on the "Define" layer. I love using this layer on portraits as it really defines hair and eyelashes without affecting the skin. Adjust the opacity if needed and/or use "Overlay" blending mode to increase the effect.

My final step is to adjust the contrast so I click and open the "Levels" adjustment layer on top. I lowered the midtones and raised the highlight slider a bit until I was happy with the contrast. If you want a more Matte-Effect, slide both the left shadow slider and dark "Output Levels" slider to the right.

I hope you enjoy using this action! I would love to see your before and afters on my Facebook page.

Download the CoffeeShop "Sapphire Luxe" Photoshop/PSE Action.

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