Sunday, February 5

CoffeeShop Rita and Her Download Packs of FUN!

Happy Sunday from CoffeeShop Rita and my amazing husband Paul! I hope everyone is having a great time with their friends and family today. We are lucky and live near the Super Bowl hosting city. Unfortunately we misplaced our Super Bowl tickets (I think Piper the dog ate them) ;-) and aren't able to go to the actual stadium, but we are going to a Super Bowl party and will enjoy eating BBQ and visiting with friends.

I wanted to blog today about my CoffeeShop Blog download packs. I am a work-at-home mom homeschooling two boys (9 and 12) and the one-woman show behind The CoffeeShop Blog. All of the freebies I post here are designed by me. And yes, I am a giant nerd with a serious Photoshop addiction. ;-)

This blog is  my dream job. When I started working on it in 2009 I was a completely broke stay-at-home mom with two babies and a very real need to do something creative that did not involve dirty diapers or spit-up. So I decided to start blogging here at CoffeeShop and writing editing and photography tutorials and designing free actions, presets, and digital designs to share with other broke photographers and digital designers like me!

Now my babies (Duke, Imp, and Piper the Puppy seen above) are growing bigger, but I still need my creative outlet. One of the main ways I support this blog and my photography, editing, and designing addition is by selling my CoffeeShop Download Packs. These convenient zipped files contain hundreds of my favorite CoffeeShop actions, presets, and digital designs from my blog plus premium action sets only found in my packs.

If you purchase my CoffeeShop Action and Preset Pack this month you also get some incredible premium actions along with other specials.

Some great reasons to purchase my CoffeeShop Download Packs:

1. Save time and download hundreds of CoffeeShop actions, presets, and digital designs with one click.

2. Get premium CoffeeShop Photoshop/PSE actions in the CoffeeShop Download Pack not found for free anywhere:

  - The CoffeeShop Watermarking Action Kit (automatically resizes and watermarks your images          for the web)

  - The CoffeeShop Magic Retouching Set (includes 10 custom retouching actions)

  - The CoffeeShop Sanibel Beach Dreams Action (a gorgeous action that allows you to retouch  and add stunning color to beach portraits)

3. Receive a download link to all of my favorite CoffeeShop Holiday Digital Designs including digital papers, frames, and Facebook covers.

4. Free updated packs up to two years after your initial purchase. I usually update the packs weekly so there are always new goodies. :-)

5. You will be supporting a work-at-home geeky mom of two (or three if you count Piper) who loves her blog and wants to keep posting fun new freebies every week.

This month for an extra $4, you can upgrade to my CoffeeShop Mega Download Pack which includes the actions, presets, and holiday digital designs PLUS all of my favorite photographer storyboards, digital papers, fine art textures, frames, Facebook covers, and other digital designs. This is an incredible deal!!!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me. And thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog, it really means so much to me! My family and I thank you for supporting my addiction.

You can see examples of some of the goodies included in my download packs below.

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  1. How do we download the updates to these wonderful packs? Thanks!

    1. Just email me with the PayPal you used to purchase the packs and I will send it out your way!!! :-)


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