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{CoffeeShop Family Flying Circus Adventures} Chapter 9: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Planes EVERYWHERE!"

Back in March of last year we bought a little 1970's 4-seater Piper and we have had many fun flying adventures.  Interested in reading more of the {CoffeeShop Family Flying Circus Adventures}? PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3,  Chapter 4Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Entire series (newest posts first).

A special thanks to my husband Paul who flies the plane and edits all our videos. Please subscribe to his Texas Gooney Bird YouTube channel if you are interested in following our adventures. It would make his day!

Today's post has an accompanying video you might enjoy. You can watch it here or embedded down at the bottom of this post.

It was a gorgeous day and we decided to take the Gooney up for a short flight.

You never know what cool planes you are going to see at the airport. I want a Piper Cub!

Yep, it was perfect flying weather. The Woodlands are gorgeous from above!

We had one little scare during this leg of our journey. I was enjoying my view out the window from my 1st class seat (all four seats are 1st class on the Gooney) when I felt the plane moving to the right and Paul mumbling something about dodging a bird.

I looked out the window expecting to see a small bird flapping by and was slightly shocked (OK, very shocked) to see five giant turkey vultures playing "chicken" with our plane. YIKES!

Our neighbor pilot just told us a story about his friend who hit a vulture midair. The bird went through his front window and landed in the back seat. He had to fly and land his plane with a hole in the windshield and a very angry vulture flapping around in his back seat.

When he finally got down to the ground, he opened up the door and the bloody bird jumped out and ran off. He said the back seat looked like a slaughterhouse...

Not my idea of fun!

We survived the vulture attack and started getting ready to land at Conroe's Lone Star Airport.

I love this airport so much. It is gorgeous out there and the runways are HUGE.

After all of the excitement we were ready to grab some lunch from the Black Walnut Cafe.

As you can see, Paul likes to eat outside on the patio while admiring his proudest possession.

No, not his kids. His Piper! ;-) OK, I am kidding. The kids come before the plane. But he does adore that little bird.

We had a nice lunch and headed back to the Gooney to fly home. 

Oh no, Paul lost the keys!

But luckily we found them. Oops!

Bye Lone Star Airport!

Other than some mild turbulence, the flight back to Hooks was uneventful. No wings fell off, no large birds played chicken with our prop, no drone or laser pen attacks, and the windows stayed intact.

Everything was uneventful. Until we had to land...

I noticed we had passed the Christmas tree farm by the airport and was making a comment when I realized that Paul was completely silent, in his most severe concentration pilot mode.

Hooks has two runways. The nice large one and the tiny one that resembles a country road. Guess which one we had to land on today.  Planes were everywhere. We had a brutal tail wind. And don't forget the wake turbulence from the jet that just took off.


I look calm here, but I am really freaking out. And I have to be quiet so Pilot Paul can concentrate.

Imp is never stressed.  I am surprised he isn't napping.

Watch the entire scary adventure right here!

And read our next adventure, Chapter 10: "$100 Nachos with My Family"!

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  1. Sounds like another great adventure! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

    Lisa D.

  2. How FUN!!!! You guys go on some amazing adventures and the photos are so those arrows!


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