Wednesday, February 1

CoffeeShop "Basic B&W" Lightroom Preset Collection!

I love B&W and wanted to create some classic B&W presets with different amounts of contrast that I could easily adjust for each image. I am really proud of this set, I think the B&W conversion is so nice on so many images.

This Lightroom preset collection has 2 basic B&W presets, with and without vignette. I usually don't have to adjust them too much after running them on an image, but if I do want to make minor changes  I generally adjust the Exposure and/or Contrast sliders on top.

I hope you enjoy using these presets!!! And I would love to see your own edits using these presets on my Facebook page.

I posted a few examples below.

Links to original images used in this post (sunflower girl, dogdog and cat, girl in field, girl with skirt, bride,wedding couple).

Download the CoffeeShop "Basic B&W" Lightroom Preset Collection!

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  1. I also really like Pretty Presets and use them quite a bit for my work with Pink Spruce Photography (and I found them via your blog, actually). But, these B&W presets you have created are fantastic, great job and thank you!

    1. I love hearing that you use Pretty Presets! I love their presets. And thank you so much for your kind comments about my B&W ones! It was funny, I just set some auto settings in Lightroom and then started playing around and suddenly I found out I loved the edit. It has been fun to design a few presets after making so many actions.


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