Friday, November 11

{Friday Photo Bliss) Colorado Day 2: Seven (Terrifying) Falls

Last week we visited the gorgeous state of Colorado. Today I am posting snapshots from our second day adventures. You can read about our Day 1 visit to Pikes Peak here.

On day two we went to Seven Falls. Twice.

Paul was in a meeting all day doing work stuff, so we decided to take the free shuttle to Seven Falls to kill some time. I had read great reviews about this park and couldn't wait to get there.

The fifteen minute walk up to the falls through the canyon was sublime.

The trail followed a lovely mountain stream. So calming.

I felt incredible. Fresh cool mountain air, clear bubbling brook filled with rainbow trout, and hiking with my two amazing sons.

Life was perfect. I couldn't wait to hike up the falls.

And then we arrived at the end of the trail.


Did I mention I am scared of heights?

No problem, this is so exciting! OK, let me get a quick photo of you two before we hike up to the top of the falls.

I can't wait to get up to the top!

Gosh, these stairs look pretty high from the bottom.

224 steps up.


That is a lot of steps.

It is a bit windy right now.

But I can't disappoint the boys, so I will put on my Big Girl Panties and march up those stairs.

And I did just that.

And I made it up exactly ten steps before freezing in terror.

Kids, I don't want Dad to miss this park, so why don't we come back tonight with him so he can hike up the falls with us.

So later that afternoon we headed back to Seven Falls with my brave husband. I made it up the Crow's Nest across from Seven Falls.

They had an elevator.

But I did walk down. It is the going up that strikes terror in my heart.

It was really getting windy and I didn't want my hair to get mussed, so I decided to stay down at the bottom of Seven Falls and let the guys hike up to the top.

They have convenient rocking chairs for those of us watching our hair-dos.

The guys safely made it up to the first level. You can see me on the ground taking their photo.

Notice how perfect my hair looks, thanks to my sage decision.

Oh boy, they are about to turn the corner where I can't keep an eye on them.

It is getting pretty windy down here.

The guys made it to the top safely and took a few snapshots.

I don't think I missed much. Water, trees, and some rock. I could see those same things from the bottom.

There is the Crow's Nest where we  had stood earlier. Nice view.

At this time I started getting bored in my rocking chair and decided that I wanted to join the guys up on the top, to heck with my hair.

So I grabbed my backpack and stood up.

As I started walking toward the stairs an incredible gust of wind blew through the canyon and I heard a load clatter behind me.

This gust was so strong it almost knocked me over and it flipped several of the heavy wooden hair-do-protecting rockers.


My heart sank and I realized that my entire family was going to be blown off the stairs and would tumble to their certain bloody death at my feet.

I frantically texted Paul that the wind gusts were unbelievable and if they walked down now they would probably die.

I am a bit melodramatic at times...

Paul did not text me back. I would like to believe he just didn't see the text, but he is used to my "calling wolf" and probably just laughed as he read it to the boys.

But this time the danger was real! Right?

I paced back and forth and finally spotted all three of them working their way down to safety.

Hold on tight kids!

The wind had calmed down and they seemed to be OK so far.

Please don't slip!

Finally they were almost at the bottom. My hair was a mess thanks to the crazy winds through the canyon, but I sure was happy to see my guys back on firm ground.

Once again disaster was narrowly averted. And to celebrate we decided to grab a bite at the restaurant located at the Falls.

We got back to our hotel room tired but happy, ready for our adventures next morning. Hopefully they wouldn't involve heights.

Have a great weekend. :-)

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  1. Oh goodness, well that was quite the adventure wasn't it. Thanks for the laughs--sorry they were at your expense! ;)

    Lisa D.

  2. Oh we love Seven Falls! You should go at night. They light it up with colored spotlights and it's spectacular! Plus you can't really tell how high up you are if that helps. :)


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