Friday, October 21

{Friday Photo Bliss}: Ripstik and Snakes

Imp saved up for a Ripstik. Both the boys spent hours learning how to use it. 

Did I mention the only time my husband broke a bone was when he was skateboarding as a kid?  I broke mine riding a horse. We are such an active/clumsy couple.

Skating at the airport is fun!

Yes, he did roll under the wings of this trainer. 

I would have had a picture of it but I was distracted as I ran toward him yelling at the top of my lungs to get away from the plane.

I told him it was ok for him to skate around our plane, as long as he stayed away from the prop. 

I tried to ride his Ripstik and almost killed myself. Paul, my husband, tried to ride it and within 5 minutes was zooming around the driveway.

Sigh. I am the reject of the family...

So in revenge I made everyone go on a 8-mile bike ride with me.

I can stay up on these big wheels. Usually.

We finally had some rain this week and it feels like Autumn!

This morning was cool and sunny so we put off school and went to the park for a three-mile hike through the forest.

Duke asked me if I was worried about snakes and I said not really, they are always around so just be careful.

100 feet from this tree we found a buttermilk racer checking us out next to the path.

But the buttermilk racer was not poisonous so I just appreciated God's creature and we carried on with our hike.

Then a few minutes later Duke reached down to grab a stick and noticed a huge worm by the stick. The huge worm turned out to be a small copperhead snake. Copperheads are poisonous...

And Imp, Piper, and I had walked right by it without a glance.

I have to confess I became a bit concerned about our safety and the rest of the way we all carefully watched where we were walking. God's creature or not, I am not a fan of snakebites.

The morning hike through the forest was perfect, other than the snakes.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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1 comment:

  1. Sounds like another great great week except for the snakes--ugghh! I wouldn't be walking anywhere I might encounter poisonous snakes...or any snakes for that matter. Good thing they are not at all that common in the area I live.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Lisa D.


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