Monday, October 3

CoffeeShop "Golden Afternoon Bliss" Photoshop/PSE Action!

Today I have a new action that I think you will really love using on your own images. I call it "Golden Afternoon Bliss" which describes the edit pretty well. This action is absolutely gorgeous on fall images/portraits but also looks stunning on so many different types of images, giving them a beautiful warm artistic edit. It also enhances the yellows/reds/oranges/greens in your image and has an optional Matte Effect layer.

I have other fall-inspired actions and designs, and you can also download my "Fall Frenzy" action which I posted last week.

I used several gorgeous images from Unsplash on this post (forest, couple walking, ferris wheel, running on beach, field of grass).

NOTE: You might have noticed I changed the name of this action a few times in this post, but I was too lazy to make new screenshots. :-)

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CoffeeShop "Golden Afternoon Bliss" Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

I am going to walk you through how I edited this beautiful original image.

 I ran "Fall Late Afternoon" and this is what the image looks like without any adjustments.

One of the nice things about this action is that it allows you to add a gorgeous warm tint separately to the highlights and shadows of each image. I clicked to turn on the "Golden Afternoon Deluxe (shadows)" layer.

Next I clicked to turn on the "Golden Afternoon Deluxe (highlights)" layer. It is set on 40% opacity.

I dialed it down to 25% opacity. I think the sky looks amazing now. But I find the shadows are too red.

So I went back to "Golden Afternoon Deluxe (shadows)" and turned the opacity from 40% down to 15%.

I didn't turn on "Boost" because I didn't need any extra contrast, but I did turn on the "Matte Effect" layer and opened the Levels adjustment pane. If you want to fine-tune this layer, move the Shadows and Output Levels slides to taste (circled above).

These setting should be adjusted to each image, and I wanted to show you how I go back and forth and play with opacities and such until I am satisfied with the edit.

Download the CoffeeShop "Golden Afternoon Bliss" Photoshop/PSE Action

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  1. Wow. Another beautiful effect Rita. Love the warmness and also the way it changes the colour of the sky. Thanks so much and also for the links to the pics. They are gorgeous!

    Lisa D.


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