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{CoffeeShop Family Flying Circus Adventures} Chapter 7: "Lake Livingston and Scooters!"

My husband Paul's day job is optometry, but he is also a private pilot and his passion is flying. About six months ago we purchased a 1973 Piper 4-seater plane he nicknamed "The Gooney Bird". Our life changed and became filled with EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE and sometimes TERROR!!! All things that are fun to blog about here on The CoffeeShop Blog.

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A special thanks to my husband Paul who flies the plane and edits all our videos. Please subscribe to his Texas Gooney BirdYouTube channel if you are interested in following our adventures. It would make his day!


Paul got home from work late Saturday afternoon last week and we decided to bring the Gooney out to Lake Livingston. This is just a short thirty minute scenic flight, perfect for last minute adventures.

Our first amazing view was Lake Conroe and the Woodlands.

Paul was in his element and couldn't stop smiling at me.

Keep your eyes on the road, I mean the air!

Imp took his traditional nap. I documented it this time since he always claims he never sleeps and simply "rests" his eyes.

He rested his eyes (and mouth) for twenty minutes on this trip.

Lake Livingston in all its glory.

The airport is about a mile from the lake. Next time we hope to get there earlier and walk (scooter?) to the water.

Funny story. I was video taping our landing and thought the Allan B. Polunsky prison was the airport... What crazy person builds a prison right next to a tiny unprotected airport?

I really want to visit that island in the photo above. As long as it is not filled with escaped prisoners...

The boys brought their scooters and were zipping all over the tiny airport.

Meanwhile, I was looking for the bathroom, which I found out did not exist.

Desperate times, desperate measures...

There was an adorable little dachshund airport-security dog that followed us everywhere. I wanted to take him home, he was so cute!!!

Thank goodness he was there doing his job of protecting us from escaped convicts.

The sun was going down fast so we packed up the plane with the boys and their scooters and started for home.

I love this view.

On our trip back  Duke took the wheel (oops, I mean yoke) and Paul made sure to let me know.

Thanks Paul.

Duke did a great job and I didn't need my life vest after all.

When we arrived home the boys and I enjoyed watching the ducks on the small airport lake while Paul filled up the Gooney's tanks.

Then boys scootered back to the hanger and I enjoyed the walk and the sunset.

Time to put up the Gooney and head on home.

Life doesn't get much better than spending a beautiful day with the family. :-)

Read our next adventure, Chapter 7!

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. It is wonderful you get these opportunities to spend with the entire family--even if one of them is sleeping some of the time! ;)

    Looks like another great mini adventure. Glad that dachshund did his duties. So cute. Though he looks like you could say boo and he'd be out of there!

    Lisa D.

    1. Imp loves to nap. ;-) And it was a really fun mini adventure. That little dog was just too cute.


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