Saturday, September 17

{Friday Photo Bliss}: Piper's First Trip To The Beach!

On Fridays I like to post snapshots from my week that make me happy. Unfortunately Imp is sick with a nasty throw-up virus (his temperature shot up over 104F and completely freaked me out), so I haven't had much sleep the last few nights and I am late with my post.

Last Sunday afternoon we decided at the last minute to go bring Piper to the beach. We are very spontaneous that way (for middle-aged people) and I LOVE the beach. :-) If you follow my blog you probably have figured out that Piper the Puppy is our youngest son, and I had been really looking forward to bringing him to the Gulf for his first time. 

We live only 1.5 hours drive from Galveston Island, so when Sunday ended up being sunny and not too hot, we decided to take a short trip just for the evening and see what Piper would think about the Gulf of Mexico.

My boys couldn't wait to get in the water. The non-furry kids and I had spent one night in Galveston last month, but the horrible flooding in Louisiana made many of the beaches in our area unsafe to swim due to high bacteria count.

But today the water was safe and clear, calm, and warm as a bath.

Piper was extremely excited since he loves to swim, and he dragged Paul into the surf. Literally because this dog is a small horse...

The dumb dog kept on drinking the salty water, but I had brought a gallon of fresh water for him to wash the saltiness out of his mouth.

After Piper got used to the waves and endless "pond", we let him run around without a leash and he did great!

I decided to do my best "Baywatch" imitation by running back and forth on the beach in front of Paul.

Sexy, right? If you have a glass or two of wine, take off your eye-glasses and squint really hard you can almost see how much I resemble Pamela Anderson at her prime.

Piper did great off-leash until a couple rode by on horses. That really freaked him out (giant hairy centaurs, OMGosh!) and we had to put him on the leash until the horses were out of sight.

But that was ok, he needed fresh water and a little R&R.

I love how he crosses his little (well, giant) paws.

The boys were having such a great time swimming and building sand castles. Anything that involves water and sand/mud is grand entertainment.

I sat there by my sometimes-favorite-child Piper and admired the gorgeous evening.

If you ever get a chance to visit Galveston, go hang out at the Pocket Park 2 on the West side of the island. Off-season parking is free and there are showers and bathrooms. Plus the beaches are huge, not close to the road, clean, and lined with very expensive homes. This area is so much nicer than the Sea Wall.


If I were rich and wasn't scared to death of hurricanes I would have a beach house on this part of the island.

Piper had a bit of a rest and was ready to hit the water again. He was absolutely fearless and drunk on the thrill of this endless salty swimming pool, and a few times he swam so far out that I had to call him back in for fear of riptides or sharks.

I couldn't decide what was more tasty to a shark, furry or non-furry kids. And I knew if he got into a riptide we would all try to rescue him and then float out to sea with him and look like complete idiots.

After a few minutes of swimming around, trying to drown his weak no-fur brothers, he would shake off and run as fast as he could back to to his daddy.

Piper loves me, but he worships Paul.

And Paul actually admitted that Piper is the best dog he has ever had. This is a huge deal since Paul is not a dog person. But this 80-pound puppy has won all of our hearts.

The sun started to go down and Paul and I were ready for dinner. We also knew we had a long drive back home so I had to reluctantly call in the boys.

Time to go home kids.

I hate leaving the beach.

But my fear of hurricanes, riptides, sharks, and flesh-eating bacteria help make it a little easier.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Glad that you didn't have to deal with rip-tides, sharks, hurricanes or flesh eating bacteria on your trip. That would have been a bummer. ;)

    Looks like Piper enjoyed his first beach trip! Also nice to see Paul coming around and admitting his fondness for Piper. I mean we all knew it, Paul just had to voice it out loud.

    Have a great week Rita!

    Lisa D.


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