Friday, August 26

{Friday Photo Bliss}

On Fridays I like to post snapshots I took during the week that make me happy (and usually crack me up). 

My dear grandmother (Gata) turned 94 this week and Paul and I threw her a pizza party with Paul's Perfectly Delicious Homemade Pizza. Gata still lives alone in her apartment, walks to church, and has a younger beau. She is also sharp as a tack and in great shape.

She is living the life!

I was amused watching Paul and the boys play Apples to Apples. We eat mostly a primal diet and stay away from gluten and limit carbs, and apparently it has made an impression on the boys.

This license plate completely cracked us up.

Piper played with our neighbors dog Mack. Mack looks similar to Piper and has a tendency to jump his fence and cruise around the neighborhood. Then I get calls letting me know that my dog is out. So now when Mack is running around I throw him in the backyard to play with Piper until I see his owner looking for him.

Last week Paul was in his clinic talking to a female contact-lens rep. He noticed that she wouldn't meet his eyes and looked very eager to get out of there.

A few hours later he noticed that  his black scrubs had come apart at the seams and he had apparently unknowingly been flashing his tidy-whities at her. Instead of being completely embarrassed (I certainly could have been), he just commented that maybe he should wear black underwear with his scrubs in the future.

Such a problem solver. ;-)

I don't know who is more weird. Paul, for taking a photo of this embarrassing situation, or me for posting it on my blog... ;-)

Check your seams and have a great weekend!!!

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