Saturday, August 13

{Friday Photo Bliss} Wedding Embarrassment and Visiting Kids!

On Fridays I like to post snapshots of our week. However, sometimes I have extra kids staying with me and my {Friday Photo Bliss} is posted on Saturday. ;-)

Last weekend we went to the wedding of all weddings.  They had 20 attendants and were married in a gorgeous church in the art district in Houston.

After the wedding we drove downtown to the Rice Hotel for the reception.

I have never been to a reception this incredible. Windows everywhere, a huge balcony overlooking the Houston skyline, different giant floral arrangements on each table, three-course sit-down dinner with steak AND chicken on the plate, open bar, separate gorgeous room for kids with their own buffet, games AND bartender, and over 350 guests.

The next images are low light/camera phone images, so please bear with me.

They used giant cucumber slices as editable bowls wrapped around the salad.  Cool, right?

Anyway, before receiving dinner and playing with our salad, the kids and I were starving and feeling hypoglycemic. 

So I figured why not have a small glass of white wine?  After all, I wasn't driving.

Well, unfortunately I didn't take into account that my stomach was completely empty. I hadn't had time to grab lunch when I fed the kids and I was planning on a big wedding dinner.  A delicious dinner that wasn't served until 9:15 that evening.

So I had one small glass. And when I turned my back for a few minutes to chat to someone my glass was mysteriously filled again (thanks to a stealth waiter) and I couldn't be rude and waste it.

Unfortunately for Paul, those two tiny glasses of wine went directly to my head, which resulted in a very embarrassing wedding story. Every wedding has "those guests" and this time I was one of them. Sigh...

A beautifully-dressed woman approached and hugged us. This was Paul's family wedding (the father-of-the-bride is his first cousin) and I knew almost no one, so I introduced myself to this nice lady and asked her name.

She started laughing and said she was the mother-of-the-bride. Oops, now that she mentioned it I remember seeing her in the wedding.  And at some family functions.  

Oh boy, that was embarrassing. I had to quickly sober up and fix this so Paul won't leave me home next time we are invited to a wedding.

So I quickly told the mother-of-the-bride that her daughter looked gorgeous in her wedding dress. That is nice, right?

But instead of getting her daughter's name right, I called her the mother-of-the-bride's name. 

Paul just looked at me, speechless. 

She laughed and kindly set me straight and I then resorted to my last desperate attempt to save the moment and not look like a complete idiot. 

So I told this really patient, incredibly sweet mother-of-the-bride that I wasn't expecting dinner to be that late and I was intoxicated from drinking wine on an empty stomach. 

Wait, did I just blame my self-inflicted idiotic intoxicated behavior on the wedding dinner being too late to the MOTHER-OF-THE-BRIDE?

RUDEST wedding guest ever. Poor Paul. 

Paul and Imp were not impressed with my "save" and Paul called me a "cheap date".   And I was quite humiliated.

I only drank water the rest of the evening.

This week my sister's kids were visiting and we had two of them stay a few days. Ice cream is always a perfect snack on a hot summer day.

That painting in the front is my oldest son Duke's.  I had no idea he could paint so well.

They painted, built Lego creations, read books, and played some chess, Minecraft and poker. I washed clothes, cooked, and tried to clean the house around them.

They are leaving today and I am so sad to see them go. :-(

My parents bought a new house just 10 minutes from me in town! They are selling their house in the woods, it is just too much upkeep. I am sad to see my family home getting sold, but I am excited for my parents to have a new house close to everything.

They can even walk to the library. That has been my fantasy since I was a kid. I apparently was always a geek.

I will end this post with a photo of my little Imp who is properly representing Texas in this outfit. Notice the Aggie pants and the "Come and Take It" t-shirt.

The cape is just an artistic addition.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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  1. Hopefully you eventually got fed. That is generally the time we eat supper in our household each night. We're on a European dinner bell even though we live in Canada.

    That sounds like quite the wedding. I'd hate to be the one paying the bill. Hopefully, they'll enjoy a long life together full of happiness but also the ability to work through those times that won't be so happy.

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

    Lisa D.

    1. Thank you Lisa! We did get to eat and it was yummy. And I agree, I was thinking how much it most of cost and I was thankful I have two boys. ;-)


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