Friday, July 22

{Friday Photo Bliss}

On Fridays I like to post snapshots I have taken during the week that make me happy.

Affogato (expresso over ice-cream) for the boys, latte for me. We sat outside and the heat index was over 100F. I should have purchased the Affogato.

A video posted by Jane and John Dough Bakery (@janeandjohndough) on

This is not mine, but I wanted to share the video that made us rush over to the coffee house to buy an Affogato. Please stick with it and watch the entire thing, it will crack you up! I am a sucker for a slow-mo funny coffee video.

Poker night. We finally found a game Imp likes! He beat all of us and I promised to bring him to Vegas when he turns 21. 

This morning we headed out to the park for some "hot  hiking". This is similar to "hot yoga" but held outdoors in your normal clothing with the added risk of sunburn, Zika, and snakebites and surprisingly absolutely free. 

There was lots of wildlife. We saw several rabbits and this giant turtle.

And this tiny little tree frog.

And we hiked through some swampy areas that I am 100% sure were covered in aggressive water snakes cleverly hiding and ready to jump out and bite us.

Piper had a blast walking Duke.

And then for the most exciting part of our hot hike, we found this giant sand pit. Nothing in the world goes better with sticky sweat than sand...

And what boy doesn't love a giant sand pit. The boys spent thirty minutes throwing dirt at each other. They were a MESS.

Duke took a selfie of us.

And Piper took a selfie of himself. 

We went home sweaty and covered in sandy dirt (Piper always kicks dirt all over me like a school-yard bully), but we had a great time. And I am still trying to recover hours and hours later. ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Love Piper's selfie! Sounds like the boys had fun! Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa D.

  2. Bwahaha! Think I'm gonna go make a frozen yogurt Affogato now! :P


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