Sunday, July 3

{Friday Photo Bliss} and Happy 4th of July!!!

On Fridays I like to post snapshots of our week that make me happy. Today I am posting on Sunday because it is a holiday weekend and I have been spending the time working outside in our yard rather than on the computer. 

Even thought the heat index is over 100F. 


I will put in a disclaimer that I have done a few things outside, but Paul has spent hours and hours out there. He is tough as nails.

The heat didn't keep us from hiking at Huntsville State Park last weekend. They are working on the dam and we found some shade.

I was worried that Piper would die of heat exposure so I kept on giving him water.

You might ask why I worried about my dog and not the kids.

I guess because the kids weren't panting?

Then I suggested Piper go for a dip in the cool lake.


MY POOR BABY! What was I thinking???

I freaked out and frantically called him back.

I worry too much about my dog. Paul and the boys think I am neurotic.  And they are probably right.

One way to beat the heat is build a giant city out of paper and pipe-cleaners and completely mess up the dining room.

Can't I have one clean room in this house?

This enter week (month) has been blistering hot with no relief in site, but I have to get these boys outdoors for their exercise and my sanity.

So we go to the Greenbelt behind our house and try to entertain ourselves.

This is a rare moment when the boys weren't fighting with each other. They are my little angels.

Some of the time. This heat gets to everyone.

They started a fun game of rolling clay balls down the drainage area.

Pretty fun.

But then of course they got bored and started throwing the clay balls at each other.

How many months until Fall?

Have a wonderful weekend and 4th of July!!!

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  1. Rita, I love when you post photos of your boys being boys! They don't care if Mom is taking photos...they just keep playing and only look up and try to muster a smile for Mom! Love that! Happy 4th of July!!!

    1. You too and thank you!!! The boys are tired of mom taking their photos. ;-)


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