Friday, June 10

{Friday Photo Bliss} Summer is Here and My "Embarrassing Mom" Story

On Fridays I like to post random snapshots of our week that make me happy. :-)

We had another storm dump a few inches of rain, but this time it came with a gift.

Duke's birthday is close to Christmas which is a bummer, so a few years ago we decided to split his birthday presents in two and celebrate his "Half-Birthday".  

I don't have a clue what is happening with both of our hair in this image. I guess we can't be glamorous all of the time. ;-)

I am so proud of Duke's cursive writing I had to photograph it and send it to my mom.

"All-you-can-play" laser tag, bowling, and billiards for $10/person Monday nights at Main Event!

The guys bowled then had fun playing laser tag (a favorite of the boys AND man-child.) I caught up on the news on the phone since I refuse to run around in the dark with sweaty guys and gals shooting lasers at each other. However, after reading the news I realized it was probably less stressful to be playing laser tag.

We also played billiards, a favorite of the parents. This is the first time my kids played and it was hilarious. I think they were insulted that Paul and I kept on cracking up.

No balls flew off of the table (accidentally or thrown by a boy), so that was good.

I have an embarrassing mom story that I have to share. Imp just turned nine. He always wears his Crocs or Duke's old tennis shoes which have velcro-closures. We went to the store to get new tennis shoes for both boys and Imp wouldn't look at any of them. I asked him what was going on and he told me that he didn't know how to tie his shoes and he was embarrassed.

Yes, my nine-year-old could not tie his own shoes. And I had no idea and just though he preferred wearing slip-ons. BAD MOM ALERT!!! I felt horrible.

So Duke and I sat down with him and within 30 seconds he could tie his shoes like a pro and he ran down the aisles of the store excitedly jumping as high as he could in his brand new squishy shoes.

This scene reminds of of Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine". New tennis shoes are the best!

The boys and I went to Panera's and played dominoes one afternoon.

Duke won of course. He always wins. He loves addition and can tie his own shoes. I think he might be a genius.

Piper loves to chew and I noticed that he was using our back porch posts as huge chew toys. Needless to say Paul was quite (extremely) upset and was ready to pack Piper up and drop him off at the pound.

I think anyone who has had a puppy has had the fleeting occasional wish of sending that puppy off to someone else. Heck, I have that thought almost daily but then he turns those cute little eyes my way and my heart melts.

So instead of getting rid of Piper I went to the pet store and bought the biggest fake bone they had in stock. It is a giant, just like my little "puppy". He loves it!

I also purchased the biggest sour apple spray they had and sprayed it all over the posts outside. So far so good. Just ignore any ads you see placed for a free giant puppy with a cute heart-shaped spot placed by a "Paul_my_puppy_is_driving_me_crazy91". ;-)

The boys' best friend lives a few houses down and has the most wonderful pool. However, it is also fun to go to the splash pad in town. It is especially fun when you have water guns!

Note to self: Don't bring library book to splash pad when water guns are involved...

I don't know what they are doing here, but it does look relaxing.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Looks like this week was a little less stressful. Glad the rains have subsided mostly. Have a great weekend yourself.

    Lisa D.

    p.s. love the pic of Piper

  2. Bless the NylaBone! Have two fur babies and one LOVES to chew. In order to save shoes, chairs, and basically anything he could get his on I got him a NylaBone for aggressive chewers. Best dog purchase I've ever made.

  3. Oh Rita, I enjoy your posts so much. Trust me, you are a good mom.


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