Friday, May 27, 2016

{Friday Photo Bliss} Sunset Love

On Friday I like to post snapshots of our week that make me happy.

We have had so much rain this spring, but earlier this week we had a slight break so we decided to drive out to Weiser Airpark, eat some BBQ, and watch the planes come and go.

One of our family hobbies is checking out small airports. And eating BBQ.

I love visiting Weiser Airpark. It is a very small airport with no tower, two small landing strips (one paved, one grass), and friendly people. We like to bring a picnic and sit and watch the planes come and go. If we are too lazy to bring our own food, Carl's BBQ is right next to the airport.

The picnic tables are just off the runway so you have a perfect view.

The weather was perfect! But no one was flying.

After eating our delicious BBQ dinner the boys started running around like maniacs. Which means they were acting like normal 9 and 11-years-olds.

They have so much energy! Except when I want them to clean, go with me to walk the dog, or start school. Then they are mysteriously exhausted and/or starving to death.

The evening was spectacular. Cool and clear with a perfectly gorgeous sunset.

But still no planes. 

The boys continued to entertain themselves, now by grabbing handfuls of sticker burs and throwing them at each other.

I told them to stop, fearing sticker bur-embellished eyeballs, but they didn't listen.

And then of course one of them got hurt. Luckily in the arm and not the eyeball.

Predictably all Hades broke out.

And the older one had to run for his life.

Then they moved on to throwing fresh grass-clippings on each other, another fun entertainment for boys. Apparently it is especially exciting when they are hot and sweaty and the grass sticks all over them.

The bonus sticker burs make it so much more exciting. And painful.

Yeah, I just dare you to throw that at me.

It was a perfect evening at the air park. Even though we only saw two aircraft land (a Piper Warrior and Cessna 172).

And when we got home the boys had to take a shower. Which if you are (or have) raised boys, you know how difficult (almost impossible) it is to make them shower off. Even when they are covered in sweat, grass, dirt, and sticker burrs.

Most days my dog is cleaner than my boys.

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Looks like another great day for your clan. Have a great weekend yourself.

    Lisa D.


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