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CoffeeShop "Warm Beauty" Portrait Photoshop/PSE Action!

I love both creating and using portrait actions, and today I am so excited to blog about my newest that I call "Warm Beauty". This action is completely customizable and adds beautiful warmth to your portrait and includes my magical auto-skin-smoothing layer. I love using this on portraits when you want to add some warmth and light.

I am also working on a version that is perfect for non-portrait images and that will come out in a few days.

I wanted to mention that I package all of my favorite actions in one simple download. If you have PSE11-14 or Photoshop you can add all of the actions in one group and they are sorted by Portrait, Arty, and Storyboard. This month the pack also includes my newest Lightroom Presets and two exclusive action sets you can't get for free here on my blog (my watermarking action kit and Magic Retouching Action Set). I also include a pdf file that shows you before and after images of the actions and a clickable link to instructions. Upgrade to my Mega Download pack for an extra $10 and you get hundreds of design elements including my photographer storyboards, textures, etc. Purchase of these download packs support my blog and allow me to keep on creating freebies. :-)

On this edit I ran "Warm Beauty" and added my Swirly Painterly texture twice in soft light.

For my tutorial today I used these gorgeous portraits (1, 2)  from Adina from Romania! You have to check out her Pixabay images, they are so beautiful. I want to thank her for generously sharing her work so action-writers like me can play with them. :-)

CoffeeShop "Warm Beauty" Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

This is the "before" image. You can see the "after" image on top. 

Run the "Warm Beauty" action.

When the "Surface Blur" pane pops up, adjust the Radius and Threshold to soften skin. You can reduce smoothness after the action finishes but not add to it, so I over-smooth the skin in this step.

When the "Replace Color" pane pops up, use the circled eyedropper to click on the facial skin. This will allow the action to automatically smooth skin. Adjust the Fuzziness to taste.

I then selected the + eyedropper and clicked on the darker skin by the flowers to add it to the selection.

Don't get too concerned about this step, you can fine-tune the layer mask after the action finishes running.

This is the image after "Warm Beauty", no adjustments.

I usually go and fine-tune the "Skin Smooth" layer and make sure to remove it off everything but the skin using a soft black brush on the layer mask.

Then I use a black brush on the "Touch of Warmth" and "Extra Warmth" layer masks to remove the warm tint off the iris. I occasionally remove it off teeth/whites of eyes, but it can make them look too cool so I didn't do it in this case.

Finally I adjust the opacity of both of the warm layers to taste (I upped them both for this edit).

I would love to see your before and after images editing using any of my actions on my Facebook page!

Download the CoffeeShop "Warm Beauty" Photoshop/PSE Action. You can also download it here or get it in my CoffeeShop Action Download Pack!

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