Friday, April 1

{Friday Photo Bliss}

Even though the week had a few stressful moments (still not resolved, but I am 100% confident it will be soon, and in my favor), we also had a lot of fun. 

Note: All snapshots in this post are my own. ;-)

Duke and I went on a hike with Piper. Duke had the wonderful idea of hiking through the swampy areas for "fun" and "adventure". It was fine for him, he wasn't walking the 65-70 pound puppy on a leash. Almost every time I had to cross a tiny, shaky log to get over the swampy areas I ended up getting pulled off into the muck. 

My boys and my dog love muck.

Our feet and legs were filthy and I had to let the dog swim in the lake before we headed home. 

Then I had a wet and muddy dog trying to sit on my lap on the drive home. Piper is convinced he is a cute little lap dog and I have been unable to correct that obviously misinformed assumption. I need a doggy seatbelt.

Duke loves to build and paint warbird models and Imp finally was bit by the modeling-bug.  They assemble and paint their models outside on the back porch since the paint is noxious.

I love watching them work together. I wonder if they are especially close right now as they are homeschooled and spend all day, every day together. Afternoons they go over to play with the neighborhood boys, but they are stuck with each other all morning. 

Duke is at the age that he doesn't want me to take his photo all of the time. But occasionally he is tolerant and I get a photo where he is not a blurred smear running out the frame or making an awful face. This B-17 model was such a major project and he has finally finished it. I need to post a photo of the final version.

Imp finished his model too (a P-38 aka The Fork-Tailed Devil). He did a great job.

The detail on these models are incredible. We get them at Hobby Lobby with the 40% coupons.

The boys and their best friend C. love to scavenge for the dead bamboo in our backyard and build elaborate forts.

Some of them are quite beautiful.

Until Piper tears them apart.

Piper also decided to eat the tarp covering our woodpile and while pulling on it, the entire pile feel over, making a giant mess.

If you asked me or Paul which is easier, having a puppy or having two young boys, we both will immediately pick the boys. Puppies are a pain in the behind.

Except when they are sleeping and I have had a glass of wine. Then they are adorable. Even when they are pony-sized.

We had a few rainy days and the boys played inside. Imp set up a little penguin picnic for the first time in a year or so and I had to capture it. The toys (and rats) are in Imp's room so it is always a giant mess by the end of the day. They are supposed to clean it up before dad comes home. When I walk in there before it is tidied up I usually have a mini-heart attack.

With these messy boys, a crazy pony-sized lap puppy, and people saying my family photos are not really my photos; I will be lucky to hit 50. ;-)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love your pictures! Glad they are yours!!!! LOL!
    Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Yes, Piper is no longer pint sized. Too bad he can't see that! Have a great weekend.

    Lisa D.

  3. Thanks you guys!!! I hope you both have a wonderful weekend too.

  4. I love your Family Friday posts! "My boys and dog love muck" make me laugh so hard!!!

  5. what a lovely family life you have!!! Blessings....


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