Friday, April 22

{Friday Photo Bliss} Eat Dirt!

Fridays I like to post recent snapshots that make me happy. :-)

I love studying nutrition and when I saw the book "Eat Dirt"  I had to buy it. My life is surrounded by dirt thanks to my two boys and giant puppy. 

It was a great book and I learned more about leaky gut and ways to treat it. But the best part of the book was when he mentioned the perks of having a dog in the house. I sweep daily thanks to my dear 70-pound puppy Piper. He is a Heinz-57 mutt, but his mother was part German Shepard, aka "German Shedder". And boy does he shed.

Dr. Axe said that my sweet Piper is a 70-pound haven of healthy microorganisms thanks to his adventures outside going places we humans try to avoid, such as muddy creeks full of alligator gar. His coat is apparently covered in beautiful pollens, healthy bacteria, and life-saving dirt; which he transfers all over my house in the form of hair.

So I must embrace the dog hair. Every time I sweep the floor or brush white hairs off my clothing I keep on saying my new cleaning mantra: "Healthy microorganisms everywhere. Yay!".

Any excuse for a less-than-perfectly clean house. ;-)

Dr. Axe also discusses the problems of having a too-clean society. Obviously he has never been introduced to my boys who have never met a pile of mud they didn't love.

For example, the other day on one of our family walks they started running around in this icky drainage area seen in the image above.

"Mom, we had no idea it was going to be muddy!". 

Right. Look at that photo again. You would have to be blind, without any sense of smell, and an idiot to not know you would get muddy playing there.

Of course, I have this unnatural fear of flesh-eating bacteria and my babies were potentially covered in it. 

We were over a mile from our house, so what is a mother to do in a time of desperation?

I am embarrassed to admit that I let my two precious boys "bathe" in the disgusting muddy creek full of snakes, alligator gars, toxic chemicals, flesh-eating bacteria, brain parasites, and leeches. I added the leeches because they are pretty cool and I am sure they hang out in our creek along with all of the other gross creatures.

Then they had to walk home soaking wet, still icky but not quite as muddy. As soon as we got home they were both rushed to the shower and told to use lots of soap. They hate to shower.

I knew I should have had girls.

You would think the boys would learn a lesson, right?

Nope. My kids are apparently either very stupid or extremely smart and worry about leaky-gut syndrome and want to replenish their healthy microorganisms.

We went to my parent's house the very next day and the boys, unknown to me, decided to play in the very small, incredibly icky creek behind the house. When I called them to the house to leave this is what came up the hill.

Imp even had mud in his ears...

All three boys (their best friend C was visiting) were covered head-to-toe in creek-mud.

I was speechless. For about a minute. Then I freaked out. I had three muddy, wet boys covered in flesh-eating bacteria (but of course!) that I had to get home in my car.

They hosed each other off and then had to take showers in my mother's bathroom. They had no clean clothing so I asked my mom if we could borrow some sweatpants and t-shirts.

My mom has a great sense of humor and I almost died laughing when I saw the t-shirts she picked out for the boys. A pretty flowery bunny shirt for Duke, a lovely polka dot one for Imp, and a gorgeous floral mountain scene for their friend C.

When we drove into our neighborhood and passed some of their friends, I noticed the boys were ducking down in the back seat of the car.

Revenge is so sweet.

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