Wednesday, March 9

CoffeeShop "Oil Painterly" Fine Art Texture Set!

Today I am excited to share two new fine art textures with you! These textures don't have any color so you can use them on an image that you have already color-corrected, edited, or treated with an action. One is light and one is dark so you can  use them on any type of image.

You can find the original images I used in this tutorial  (horse, deer, pug, blossoms) on Pixabay.

In this edit I ran the CoffeeShop Velvet Truffle action and turned the Lighten layer down to 60%. Then I added the light Oil Painterly texture twice, once in Overlay and once in Soft Light blending mode. I painted some of the texture off the horse's face on the Overlay layer's mask.

In this edit I added a Color Fill adjustment layer #fae8bd and put it in Soft Light blending mode to add some pretty additional light to the image. Then I added the dark Oil Painterly texture twice, once in Screen 100% and once in Soft Light 50%.

I used the light Oil Painterly texture twice on this image (Soft Light and Overlay, both 100%).

I used the dark Oil Painterly texture on this image in Soft Light, 100%.

Download the  CoffeeShop "Oil Painterly" Fine Art Texture set. You can also download it here.

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  1. Love it. Thanks for another texture set. Beautiful sample pics as always. That pup made me laugh.

    Lisa D.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I love that pug photo, it makes me laugh too. ;-)


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