Friday, February 05, 2016

{Friday Photo Bliss}

On Fridays I like to post my favorite snapshots of the week. This week the weather was gorgeous and we were able to spend so much time outdoors enjoying it.

We went on a five-mile hike at Huntsville State Park.

We haven't had much rain the last month and the dam overflow was completely dry so we were able to hike right over it. I think this weekend we are going to go back and rent canoes.

My guys.

I love pines.

I also love how the water sparkles on the lake.

Unfortunately we did not see any alligators or snakes.

Yesterday after school we headed out to the woods at the end of our subdivision. I fenced up the kids so I could enjoy a peaceful walk, but those rascals managed to escape.

We visited the super-scary swamp and didn't see any snakes or alligators. Sigh.

We hiked (well, mostly crawled) through incredibly dense brush. I brought quite a bit of nature home in my hair that afternoon and even found a small piece of vine in there this morning.

Note to self: Brush hair before going to bed.

We returned to the place of the giant hamster wheels and this time no children were harmed in the making of these images.

We found trees that had grown around hay bale rope.  Pretty cool.

When we got home we had quite the appetite, so I made goat-cheese/fresh basil/grass-fed hamburger pizza on an almond flour crust.

This crust recipe was sent to me by my sister Heather who is also gluten-free/primal and it is the best crust I have ever eaten. Simple to make and delicious!

After our long day my youngest was really exhausted and fell asleep on "his" leather recliner while watching the news. His snores were very distracting, they almost covered up my husband's snores. Snores in stereo, you can't beat that!

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for posting the pizza crust recipe...we also camped out at Huntsville right before Thanksgiving w/our 3 nieces and went the 8 mile hike(a little too long for our youngest...she said that the longest she had walked before was 2 miles) they enjoyed the geocashing on the trail, the time we settled in our tents that night, we had almost walked 12 miles!--a first for me!! We had a great time--it's a beautiful Tx Park!


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