Friday, February 26, 2016

{Friday Photo Bliss} or "Raylan Givens as President!"

On Fridays I like to post snapshots I took that week that make me happy.

"Hello there!" early voting.

I thought about writing in Raylan Givens as my primary candidate of choice.  That is what we need to make our country even greater; a super hot guy in a hat as President. Swoon.

First signs of spring.

I think I blinked and missed all of the signs of winter...

Who knew my phone camera could get such a nice depth-of-field?

Who knew I was so nerdy, desperate, and boring that I throw myself on the ground to take these types of shoots when I am out on my walk?

"Hello there!" Miss Rita.

"Hello there!" Miss Rita's Giant Nostrils.

Proof that the over-40's should not take selfies.

The zombies are coming, the  zombies are coming!

Walking Dead Spoiler Alert!!! 

Do not read the gray bit below if you are not caught up with the newest Walking Dead (Season 6, Episode 10, Feb. 21, 2016)!!!

What do you think about Rick and Michonne becoming a couple on Walking Dead? I was waiting for them to get together for years. This is going to sound horrible, but when Rick's blonde girlfriend was eaten by zombies I was a tiny bit happy.  But I really think Michonne is too good for Rick.

Walking Dead, if you kill off Michonne because she is with "Black Widow" Rick I will NEVER forgive you.

OK, Walking Dead fans avoiding spoilers can start reading again here. ;-)

I have a special gift of being able to capture Imp's and Duke's unique and special personality in every image.

As you can tell from this snapshot they are brilliant and gorgeous, just like their dear mother.

I am blaming their donated Y-chromosome for this odd behavior.

That extra one in the back is not one of mine, but their best friend, neighbor, and partner-in-crime.

They are pretty weird. Is it because they are homeschooled or is it genetics?

Well, no matter, I can work with it.

After having a glass of wine.

Or a sip of Kentucky Bourbon with my true love Raylan, after he becomes President of the US of A.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hey Rita-I too, was a bit happy when the monsters came for Jessie. I've been secretly hoping Richonne would develop for years so this is good stuff. Anyway, thanks for making your storyboards available like you do. I love using them! I'm a mom to 6 kids between my husband and I but I have an innate passion for photography and graphic design so I'm constantly doing one or the other...or both. I've been trying to get my blog launched for years (literally) but my kids and projects (and life) have made that challenging. Anyway, I just wanted to shout out and say thanks...and agree with you on Richonne. ;)

    1. Thank you LeighAnne! How do you do all that with 6 kids! You are incredible.

      And I am such a dummy and forgot to put a spoiler alert on this post... Just added it but so mad with myself that I forgot. I usually don't blog about shows.

  2. Ack. You forgot to say spoiler alert! I still haven't watched that ep yet. Now I'm really interested in finding out what happened! Thanks for sharing another great glimpse into your week and life.

    Lisa D.

    1. Oh my gosh, I completely forgot to add that, I am so sorry! I did now but it is too late for you. :-(

      I apologize and won't do that again. You will love the show, it is great.


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