Wednesday, February 3

CoffeeShop Photoshop/PSE Editing Tutorial: Matching Colors Between Images!

I really want to start posting more editing tutorials on my blog. Today I wanted to show you one quick way in Photoshop and PSE to change the color on an image to match another image. This is such a helpful technique when you have an image or series of images for a storyboard where clothing colors clash.

I used some gorgeous images from Jill Wellington (Etsy ShopFacebook, Blog, YouTube Videos, Pixabay) in this tutorial.

As you can see on this lovely storyboard (download it here for free!), all of the pink dresses match.

But they didn't at first! Originally some of the dresses are a pale peachy pink (left), while others are a bright bubblegum pink (right). I wanted to make them all peachy pink for this storyboard.

CoffeeShop Matching Colors Photoshop/PSE Tutorial:

Open your images.

Make a background copy of the image you are adjusting (Ctrl-J). Work on the new layer, not the original one.

Photoshop: Go to Image, Adjustments, Replace Color.

PSE: Go to Enhance, Adjust Color, Replace Color.

Click on the top Color square and click on the color in the image you wish to replace (the bubblegum pinks in this image). You can use the eyedroppers to add (+) or remove (-) from your selection. Set the Fuzziness slider to taste.

Don't worry if you select too much, we copied the original and can use the copied layer's layer mask to remove any excess.

Click on the bottom Color square and click on the first image with the peachy pink dress. The bubblegum dress should turn a peachy pink. You can adjust the Fuzziness slider and Lightness slider until you are satisfied with the color replacement.

Don't worry if the selection is not perfect, you will fix it in the next step.

Finally, add a layer mask to your edited layer and use a black soft brush to paint off any areas that were adversely affected by the Color Replacement. In this case I painted it off her face and hair.

They are both "pretty in pink". ;-) Wasn't that easy!!!

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  1. I do it a different way. I will try this! Thanks!

    1. That is one of the things that I love about Photoshop, there are so many ways to do most things. This technique usually works best for me, but like you I have a few other tricks up my sleeve.

      And I love your images I used in the storyboard. You are just such an amazing photographer/editor!!!


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