Friday, January 29, 2016

{Friday Photo Bliss}

On Fridays I like to post some of my favorite snapshots I took during the week. Yesterday I realized I hadn't taken any photos this week at all (except for one of our new chimney cap, YAH?), but I made up for it the last two days. 

Disgusting yet enduring slobbery doggy kisses.

That tongue! He reminds me of Odie.

Odie-the-dog-formerly-known-as-Piper-or-Dumb Dog (by my husband) still has his heart-shaped spot, but it is slightly distorted now. The other day I decided to weigh him because I was sure he was over 100 pounds, but he is only a tiny 62 pounds (at 10 months).

Piper loves to dig for China in the backyard. Then my dear husband goes out there to do some yard work and ends up tripping in these giant holes and cursing the "Dumb Dog".

My mom, either brilliant or simply getting revenge for my teenage years, told me she had heard that you could throw the dog's poop in his hole and he would stop digging there.

So yesterday afternoon I spent twenty minutes picking up (and sometimes stepping in) giant piles of dog poop and throwing these poops in all of the holes about the back yard.

My life is very glamorous.

I just hope that my dear husband doesn't trip in and fall in one of my poop-filled dog holes because he won't be the only one in deep poop... ;-)

Oh, I guess I better post a few pics of my other kids. They might not be as cute as Piper, but they also don't leave piles of poop all over the backyard.

Pilates or brain seizure? A bit of both.

I can see you!

We homeschool and often we do a bit of unschooling, which basically means I let the kids learn what they want, on their own. Imp stole a few of my Amazon boxes and decided to build a simple rat maze. The boys wanted to test how long it would take their rats to complete the maze.

Since I was a scientist in a former life, I suggested that they run each of the three rats through three times, with a snack at the end (tasty pumpkin seeds), and record their times.

Duke, my little math nerd, was the data recorder.  Imp was the Rattie Handler.

At the end of the maze the little ratties enjoyed their reward.

This is the first graph Duke has made (he just handed it over to me). As you can see, the ratties took some time to get through the first time as they were frantically scratching/chewing on the blocked off entrance. But once they made it through the first time and found a yummy pumpkin seed, they were on fire!

Velvet (green) was obviously most hungry. And Charlotte (red) figured out how to get out of the maze fastest, but had less interest in the treat at the end. Lil' Charlotte (blue) took quite a bit of time to figure out the maze, but she was the first one in so Duke said perhaps she didn't have a scent trail to follow and that made a difference. Good theory!

They are plotting a few more graphs and then we are going to discuss their results. I love graphing, it makes me happy. This is the kind of science that is really fun!

Imp and Duke had their first drawing class last week and after one-full-hour of expensive one-on-one time, their drawings are EXACTLY the same.

But you know what, I love their art. Imp is always making me little love cards (swoon!) and when he handed this one over to me this week I almost cried. How sweet is this comic?

He also made me this lovely little card. I am hoarding them all away so I can pull them out when he goes off to college.

I wonder if homeschooling moms average more, less, or the same amount of empty-nest syndrome than moms who have always sent their kids off to school? I will probably just have empty-pocket syndrome. ;-)

My boys are like me and prefer to teach themselves most things, so I decide to save tons of money and bought this drawing book. They are both working on piano with a bit of help from me and this book. I figure if they show more interest and get serious about becoming better artists, then I will pay for professional lessons. Every penny counts.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Cool idea with the rat maze. Learning is much more fun that way.

    Thanks for sharing more of your life!

    Lisa D.

    1. I totally agree. A fun way to combine pets and school. ;-) The rats really loved it thanks to the pumpkin seed treats.


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