Friday, December 18

{Friday Photo SUPER Bliss}

Sometimes simple is best. You know, those days you throw on your sweats, put your messy hair in a braid, and just go hang out with the kids. No stress, no bother. Just living in the moment and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Playing outdoors with your friends is always fun. Look, I am a puppet!

Why not teach your brother to play a Christmas Carol?

Did you notice mom running out of the room so quickly with a look of pain on her face? It must be that PMSF or whatever she calls it.

Hanging out by the neighborhood muddy creek is always a blast on nice cool days. Especially when you find out that beavers have been snacking on some of the trees. We like beavers.

It is nice not worrying so much about snakes. Well, I don't worry, but mom always does. She told me they are cold and slow right now. But she also assured me she has a emergency plan in place in case I get bit. I hope it does not involve cutting the bite and sucking on it. That grosses me out.

Brothers are warm and fast. Hey you!

Brothers can make you cry, but they are also so good at making you laugh.

Snack-time outdoors in the warm sun is fun. I can always eat.

So can Piper.

Come on Piper. Let him eat! Come here!

Mirror mirror in the slime pool. Who is the stinkiest of them all?

Me of course, and I take pride in my odoriferous fur. I had to roll all over that dead animal earlier to get my sexy scent on. I think a hint of sewage-mud dabbed behind my ears might just be what it is missing.

OK, I have had enough with you boys. I look and smell great, yet no snacks? What type of friends are you? I am just under-appreciated.

No problem, I will just jump over this body of water, sneak over to the other side,  and show them that I can find my own snacks. I am a dog, and I will hunt for my prey as dogs have done for centuries.

I spy, with my little eye, a red tasty cup! Try to stop me now from enjoying a blissful snack of my own choosing.

Yum yum yum! It's MINE! All MINE!

I will bring it over here to enjoy in peace. Paws off. Oh right, you are not blessed with paws but have those weird soft flappy things going on at the end of your legs. Seriously, did a joker design you?

This cup is even better than I even imagined. Full of nice slimy-chewy-smelly water. YUM!

Finished that snack, now on to a tasty twig. This one has been chewed on by beavers, so it is especially delicious.

OK, Piper is busy chewing that beaver-spit-covered stick, now I can finish my snacks in peace.

I don't know why Mom always calls me Cookie Monster. Weird.

Yum yum yum! A trail of tasty treats!!! I love my boys.

OK, I just set the timer,  I am going to run into the picture, make space for me. I read this blog post and realized I have almost no pictures of myself with the boys. So things are changing and I don't care how messy my hair looks or if I have muddy baggy clothes on, I am getting some images of me. Yes, me me me!

Oh, wait, my hair is falling out of my braid. And is that a pimple on my cheek? What was I thinking when I put these socks on? Is that a muddy dog print on my boob?

Darn, my timer just went off.

OK,  this one is better. Hi, boys. Yes, you do have a mother.

Yeah sure, I have my photo with you, so you can roll down the hill.

Looks pretty fun. Have to remember to have him take a shower tonight.

Oh oh oh! Wanna play? I wanna play!!! Fun fun fun!!!

Hee hee, I knocked off his glasses and smacked him on the head. Fun fun fun!!!

Oh oh oh! A cold creek! Fun fun fun!!!

Gotta swim, gotta swim, gotta swim.

Thank goodness I am neutered or I would be really embarrassed when I get out of this freezing water.

Wanna piece of me? WANNA piece of me? 

Thank goodness for wonderful babysitters, best-friend husbands, and tranquil wine bars.

Long day honey?

Yep, long day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. My gosh, it looks like summer! Your puppy is getting so big! Enjoy your holiday, Rita!


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