Sunday, December 27

CoffeeShop Painterly Texture Set #2!

I am about to shut down my computer as we are under a storm and tornado watch all day here in south Texas. I am so sorry for all of those of you who have been devastated by the horrible storms this week.  Dallas was hit yesterday and I am so happy Heather and her kids were safe down here with us.  Hopefully today won't be as scary as predicted.

I take these severe weather watches very seriously. Just last year our family went for a walk on a cloudy day when we got caught in a sudden violent storm that seemed to come out of nowhere.

The lightening was so fierce and constant we couldn't get home and had to shelter in a neighbor's carport. The side and front were open to the elements and we were soaked and terrified.  We banged on the door to the house, but our neighbors could not hear us due to the heavy downpour.

Then the winds started blowing like nothing we had ever seen, and we grabbed the kids (and dog) and fell on the floor, hoping to keep our children from blowing away.

When the storm finally calmed down (it seemed like forever but it was probably only a few minutes) we found out that a large funnel cloud had passed right over us. One neighbor across the street actually watched the storm as it approached down our street. There was a path of destruction with knocked down trees and fences (one giant tree just behind the carport we sheltered under).

We were so fortunate that the funnel cloud didn't become a full-blown tornado or we might not have survived. Nature can be so terrifying.

Enough of storms, just everyone stay safe. :-) Today I am excited to post my second artistic painterly texture set (first set here).

This painterly set has six textures that you can use alone as digital paper or apply to images for artistic effects. I love using this set on Multiply, Hard Light, Soft Light, or Overlay blending modes. You can also use these alone as gorgeous paper on websites, storyboards, cards, etc.

I found this lovely rose image on Pixabay.

I added the Painterly Texture F. I dragged it on top of the flower and made a copy of the texture. The top texture layer  I put in Hard Light, 85% fill and I used a soft low opacity black brush on the layer mask to remove some of the texture from the flower. I put the middle texture layer in Overlay, 100%.

In this example I used a gorgeous image from Bloom and applied two of the textures, both in Multiply blending mode.

Here is a final sample using another gorgeous image from Bloom.  I added the CS Painterly Texture 4 twice and didn't fit it to the image as I wanted a larger paint brush texture design. I put the top texture in multiply blending mode and the bottom one in soft light. I used a soft 50% black brush to remove the soft light texture layer off the flowers.

I would love to see your own art on my Facebook page!

Download the CoffeeShop Artistic Painterly Texture Set #2.

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