Wednesday, December 9

CoffeeShop "Artistic Canvas Texture" Set!

Today I am so excited to post my newest freebie! I am completely addicted to using AND making textures. Today I made four new canvas textures that can turn beautiful images into works of art. These are not only lovely layered over images, but you can also use them as portrait backgrounds.  I have another set here if you love these types of textures.

If you don't like the texture colors, they are so easy to change and I walk you through it below.

I created these canvas textures in Photoshop using several free textures from Pixaby.

In this tutorial I used two beautiful floral images from Bloom Photography. Sam's work is stunning and she sells her prints, so be sure to check her out on Facebook.

Here is one example where I used one of my textures in this set and changed the texture color. :-)

CoffeeShop "Artistic Canvas Texture" Tutorial:

Here is the original image. Those flowers are so beautiful.

I added my favorite texture from this pack, CS Canvas 4.

I put the texture in Soft Light, 100% opacity. I really want more texture, so I will copy the texture layer.

I love the background in this version, it is gorgeous! But I don't like how the color of the texture has changed the original colors of the flowers. There are several ways to deal with removing texture color from sections of your image, and I will show you one quick and easy way.

Grab the Sponge tool in Photoshop/PSE (it looks like a little sponge) and set it to "Desaturate".

Then use that tool to paint over the flowers on both texture layers. As you can see here, the sponge tool is removing the color but leaving the texture. I like using this method more than using the erasure tool and removing the texture off the flowers along with the color.

This is also a great method to remove texture color from portraits.

Now the gorgeous colors are back! I love the warmth of this edit. But what do you do if you love the texture but want to change the texture color? Easy!

I used the eyedropper to grab the blue color from the flowers and then made two color fill adjustment layers using that blue. I grouped both of them to the textures and put their blending mode to "Color". I think I love this version even more than I do the warmer version...

I hope you enjoy these new textures. I would love to see your art on my Facebook page.

 Download the CoffeeShop "Artistic Canvas Texture" Set..

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Just click here for my CoffeeShop Mega Download Pack!


  1. Lovely textures! Thank you, Rita!

  2. Dear Rita, thank you so much for all the stunning freebies, tutorials, actions, etc., over the past year! Receiving your daily posts is one of my highlights of the day! We are really blessed that you share your knowledge with others! May you and your family have a Blessed Christmas! Warm regards

    1. Marie, you are so welcome and thank you for writing such a beautiful comment. You made my day!!! May you and your family also have a wonderful Christmas. <3

  3. Hello and Thank you for this download...

    1. You are so welcome Linda! Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

  4. Another awesome set I missed. Thank you!

    Lisa D.


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