Tuesday, November 3

CoffeeShop Artistic Cracked Glass Texture!

Today I have a new beautiful artistic texture. This one is a cracked glass plate and I created it combining a few of my favorite textures from Pixabay and using the amazing clone tool. This texture is one of my favorites right now.

This texture would be perfect for creating art for your walls and greeting cards. You can even use it to distress digital paper you make or purchase. I posted some sample edits below to inspire you.

I used two beautiful images from Bloom for this tutorial. Sam sells her prints, so if you are looking for some gorgeous artwork for your walls PM her on Facebook for more information.

On this beautiful image from Bloom, I first ran the "Sweet Vanilla Custard" action and then added two copies of the cracked glass texture, both in soft light, 100%. I dragged them under the "Highlights" layer and used a soft black brush to remove the texture from her skin.

Here I used this texture on one of my favorite images of Imp.  I inverted the texture and used 100% soft light and painted it off his skin. I think this is a perfect texture for dramatic B&W edits.

This texture also looks lovely on floral still life images.  The original image is from Bloom.

You can also use these textures to distress digital paper. I applied this texture to one paper in my "Birdy" set.

I would love to see your own creations using freebies on my blog posted on my Facebook page!

Download the CoffeeShop Cracked Glass Texture.

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  1. Thanks for the link from today's post for this texture and of course for the texture itself. It must be one of the posts filed in my 'still to download' file. Darn thing is piling up!

    Lisa D.


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