Friday, October 16

{Friday Photo Bliss}

On Fridays I like to post a few snapshots that were taken recently that make me happy.

We had a really fun and busy week. Last weekend we visited my sister Heather in Dallas. Poor Matty is completely out-numbered by boys.

After spending the day with five kids you might find yourself falling asleep on your feet. ;-) Thanks Duke for taking this really great photo. You certainly captured my beauty.

But that picture is better than this one. Great job Duke. I do like the little baby feet on the right.

Paul got his private pilot certificate when he was 20, way back when we first met. But life and kids and work and kids and lack of money and kids and did I mention kids came our way so he didn't fly for a few decades.

But this year he is back in the saddle again and got to fly in a pretty 182.

No, it is not our plane. Yes, I would take that plane if someone would give me that plane. Anyone out there want to exchange a nice plane for a beautiful 2000 Grand Mercury Marquis with less than 100,000 miles and leather seats? Interior 7, Exterior 7; 8-cylinder engine factory-installed; No Major Damage History; original tape deck, Drives like a Dream,  Available Immediately!

Any reason to hang out at the airport. Lovely day to fly. Or hang out with your kids near a ditch full of snakes watching your husband disappear in the clouds.

Piper discovered he can jump up on our back porch swing and get enough momentum to swing away for a few minutes. I was wondering what that horrible banging noise was on the back porch. Our poor siding is taking a beating.

Darn aDorable Dog.

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Another great update. Thanks for sharing Rita. Have a great weekend.

    Lisa D.


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