Wednesday, October 21

CoffeeShop "Dark and Eerie Night" Texture and Editing Set Part 2!

This is the second part of my "Dark and Eerie Night" editing tutorial. In Part 1 you can download the action. Today I am posting the rest of the tutorial and the free "Dark and Eerie" texture.

Here is a gorgeous example sent to me from Kate.

I used this bridge image and this moon overlay in my tutorial today. You can download both for free to follow along with the tutorial today.

CoffeeShop "Dark and Eerie Night" Tutorial Part 2 - Adding Moon and Texture:

Note: Please read Part 1 before starting this tutorial.

Run the "Dark and Eerie Night" action on your image and adjust the layers to taste.

Download this moon texture and place it on top of your image. Resize (Ctrl-T) and position it to taste.

Put the moon layer in Screen blending mode.

Add a layer mask to the moon layer and use a 50% soft black brush at 100% opacity to paint the moon off the trees so it appears behind them. When I do this part I really zoom-in.

I also added some clouds back over the lower right of the moon by painting on the moon's layer mask in black. You can see in the screenshot above where I painted (highlighted in red).

Softened the moon edges by using a low-opacity soft black brush all around the edges.

You can see I have a very clean edge where the moon meets the horizon.

Now you add some optional moonlight surrounding the moon. Click on the black layer mask on the "Add Moon  Light" layer to select it and grab a white soft brush at 100%. Make it larger than the moon and click on the middle of the moon.

Now the moon and surrounding area should be lighter.

In many cases the moon itself will be too bright. To remedy this, make your brush black and the size of the moon and click on the middle of the moon. This removes the light from the moon itself but keeps the light around the moon. Neat, right?

I also used a medium-soft black brush to add back the light I just removed on the tree-line in front of the moon.

Adjust the Fill of the "Add Moon Light" layer to taste.

Download the texture at the bottom of this post and drag it on top of your image. Resize it to fit. Note: You can use any texture you want for this edit.

I put the texture layer in Soft Light blending mode, 100%. 

In the screenshot above the "Add Moon Light" layer is too bright, so I went back and turned it down.

This is my finished edit! I love how this turned out. I would love to see your own spooky edits on my Facebook page!

Download the CoffeeShop "Dark and Eerie Night" Texture.
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  1. So very cool. Can't wait to try this out. Thanks for the tut and texture!

    Lisa D.

    1. Hey Rita, I created a free digi paper using this action and the overlay. You can find it here:

      Thanks so much again for the items and of course for the tutorial!

      Lisa D.

  2. Well, took me some time to sit down and try this. Love the effect. Thank you, so much

  3. Love this! Thank you so much!

  4. Just tried this out and I love the effect. Thanks.


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