Friday, August 21

{Friday Photo Bliss}

On Friday I like to post snapshots I took during the week that make me happy.

We finally had some rainy days after months of dry, hot days.

The boys made the best of it and pulled out their Texas A&M blankie (even though it was almost 80 degrees) and read on the couch. Imp is addicted to TinTin and Duke just started the The Lightning Thief series.

Both my boys learned to read thanks to TinTin.

Imp is really into making hot tea every afternoon, so we have tea-time together. For some reason this time they thought it would be tasty to add gelatin to our tea. Yeah, that was not a keeper recipe. YUCK.

Imp loves to draw elaborate war machines driven by penguins on my big wipe board. I always get a bit sad erasing them before school, so I take a photo. I hate to tell you this Imp, but there is no way in Hades that ship is going to fly. Maybe their private pilot dad needs to give them another physics lesson on flying.

Back to TinTin and a hot cup of decaf coffee with cream. Reading and coffee; yes, he is my child for sure...

Don't really know what is going on with that lampshade, but it is probably crooked because of Piper.

We go on daily walks because I have to make sure the boys get plenty of exercise or they will drive me crazy. I go ahead and bring along Piper the Puppy even though he is very laid-back and always perfectly content to curl up on my lap and cuddle all day long.

NOT! His nickname is Hyper P, need I say more?

"Will you hurry up already? I need to get to my favorite grassy curb so I can leave a big gift for Mommy. I know she loves my gifts because she always has a special protective sack in hand to pick it up so she can carry it on our walk and show it off to the neighbors."

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  1. Another great Friday 'catch up'. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend Rita.

    Lisa D.

  2. Love your stories. I live in CS but have to say... Hook 'em Horns!!


  3. Your son's "war machine" looks like a submarine to me. Maybe one that patrols near Antarctica so the penguins can pop up and visit their photo happy parents. lol (My husband was on a sub, so maybe I lean a little more in that direction!) Thanks for sharing your sweet little family with us!


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