Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Puppy Love and a Kitten Surprise (Oh No!)

I haven't blogged about Piper the Puppy in a while so I wanted to catch you up on our adventures with him.  

He is healthy now and around three months old and almost 15 pounds of adorable cuteness.

You can still see his heart spot on his side. My husband says that it is now swollen from congestive heart failure since Piper is getting so big. Gotta love his sick heart jokes...

Isn't Piper precious? We still have no idea what breed he is.  Look at that curly tail, where did that come from?

We heard his mother was a medium-sized German Shepard mix and one puppy looked like him and his other three siblings looked like German Shepards.  I also found out that their foster mom stopped fostering dogs after she watched all four of his siblings die, one after another.  She said it broke her heart.  We sent her photos so she would see that Piper was happy and she said that made her feel so much better.

One thing I realized is that I need to make sure I shoot at high speed or Piper ends up being a blur. He is a pretty laid back puppy, but there are times he is bat-poop crazy.

He loves to help me work in the yard by pulling up weeds.  Wait, that isn't a weed, that is landscape grass.  "Piper, give that back!"

Piper loves his walks which is great because we are a very active family. He is taking to the leash quite well.

Here are my three boys.  Piper is a mama's boy.  Yes, I am a doggie mama.

But Piper also loves his daddy and big brothers.

I know, it probably makes you sick when I talk about him like he is human baby.

But he kind of seems like one. A furry baby human that bites occasionally.

My neighbor has twin human baby boys and they bite too.

Piper does enjoy an occasional tug-of-war.

"Gettin' that doggie mama?"

Having a puppy is a double-edged sword.  It is so darn fun AND incredibly exhausting at the same time.  Reminds me of having my human babies.  But I can stick Piper in a cage when he gets crazy which is a nice puppy-perk.

Gosh, I love baby animals so much.  They are just so cute. And annoying. And cute.

And then yesterday happened.

Oh my, what in the world is a tiny kitten doing on my front porch?

Around noon during a heavy thunderstorm the boys looked out on the porch and saw this tiny kitten sitting on top of the table looking in the window.   She (or he, I can't tell!) was tiny, bedraggled, and very thin.

I instantly put out an email to the neighborhood, but the only response was one that mentioned it looked like I have a new pet. Thanks a lot for that...

Really?  A puppy and kitten at the same time?  I love animals, but I do have my limits. Need I remind you I also have five rats?  Rats and cats don't mix.

Oh, but this kitten is so cute and probably homeless... And it loves to curl up on my chest and look up at me with its lovely blue eyes while kneading its tiny paws and purring.

Stupid kitten. I don't like kittens OR puppies.  Nope, I don't like them at all.

I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I have my moments of genius.  I sent a photo to my mom. She fell in love with her (him) instantly and called me. We spent over fifteen minutes chatting on the phone about this kitty while listening to my father screaming in the background "No cats, I am allergic, I don't want a cat, no cat in my house, you get a cat and we are getting divorced!"

Wow, it is hard to talk to someone when there is a hysterical man screaming in the background.

I told Mom no problem, the shelter would take her since she is a tiny gorgeous kitten. I told her this kitten is cute, but not worth them getting a divorce. She agreed it wasn't worth the arguments and hysteria.  And I suddenly I realized I was stuck with a kitten that night.

Oh no.

But ten minutes later I received a text that read "He says I can have it.  Of course, need to make sure no one lost it." Deciding I wasn't going to waste any time in case they changed their mind, Duke and I rushed little kitten over to their house in the pouring rain.

I also risked the wrath of my German father.  He can be pretty scary when he is upset.  He also goes a bit bat-poop crazy at times, but he has never bit me. Yet...

I walked into the house, nervous about a possible confrontation with my crazy German father.

When we got there it took about one minute for this darn little kitten to win both of my parents' hearts and late last night the photos started arriving.

I have decided my mother has something big on my father and is blackmailing him.  And this little kitten is very manipulative as Mom tells me that he follows Dad everywhere and insists on cuddling with him. Kitten can be very passive/aggressive.  That is why I don't like them.  Nope, I don't like sweet little fluffy adorable kittens at all...

Yeah, it looks like they have a new baby too.


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  1. I love your stories about the puppy (and now kitten)!! Keep them coming!

  2. Funny! It's good that you shared (pawned off) the kitten. There would just be too much cuteness overload what with the puppy, your boys and your husband. Sorry to the boys, but I just can't say the rats are cute! Have a fun weekend and thanks for all that you do for us out here.

  3. I'm loving this story...thanks for sharing.

  4. Bless your heart!
    They are both so precious.

  5. I always read your blog but never commented. This was too much cuteness though. :-)
    I used to be an active Border Collie rescuer and many dogs have passed through our home on their way to their forever homes.

    About the puppy and its heritage. Did you know that when a female dog is in heat(what a strange expression eh?) that she can gave affairs with different dogs. Each puppy sits in its own sack and can be from different fathers. Most female dogs refuse other male dogs once she had her way with the one of her affection but some have multiple affairs. That's why it's possible that his siblings looked like German shepherd mixes and he looks totally different.

    My female Molly has a shorthair German Pointer as a mother and a Border Collie as a father. I saw her mom on a video, nice hazelnut smooth velvet coat. Now there are 2 breed of German Pointers one is shorthair and the other is a wire fair. My Molly happens to look exactly as a wirehair. It looks like someone put their tail in an outlet and all hairs stand up the wrong way. She looks cute though.:-) I asked our vet who told me that Molly's mom may have had some wirehair genes in her line or may have had been bred with a wirehair before. Either way when you see her and get mom you wouldn't say they were related.:-) I recommend to anyone do NOT get a mix breed Pointer Border Collies. Pointers are ridiculously stubborn and Border Collies are ridiculously smart. These two do not mix very well. :-)
    I think I might have an idea of the breed involved in your puppy. I need to check a few things and let you know, thanks for sharing so much cuteness!

  6. your cute kitten looks like it's Siamese. Bless you for rescuing the poor little soul and I'm sure it will provide your mum and dad with hours of pleasure

  7. Oh my goodness Rita. Thanks for the laugh out loud!

    I too talk about my furbaby as a human baby. Not having had kids, my furbabies are the closest I can get. Ignore those who just don't understand.

    Lisa D.


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