Friday, July 24

{Friday Photo Bliss}

Fridays I like to post images I took that week that make me happy. Unfortunately my kids can't always say the same. ;-)

Keep it real, Rita. I adore my boys but this heat turns me into a grouch!!!

Duke, you finished your P-38 Lightening model!  Wow, it looks great!!!

Here, come outside and I will snap a few photos of it for my blog. I need some pictures for this week's {Friday Photo Bliss} post. I know you are busy, it will only take a minute, I just need one decent shot.

Oh wait, can you move the plane, I can't see your face.

No, no!  Look at the camera please. And make sure you smile.

Hey, that isn't a real smile, stop messing around. I only need one good shot for my blog.  Smile or you can't play video games this afternoon.

That is not a smile.  That is a grimace.  I know it is 100 degrees out here and you are sick of holding your model up.  But I have to get one good shot.  So give it to me!

Seriously, you think this is better than the last one?  You look miserable.  I can't post this on my blog, it will ruin my "happy family" image.  Come on, smile.  I just need one good shot.

Argggggh, what in the world is wrong with you???  You think this is a smile?  Here, I am going to zoom in on this photo and show you how miserable you look.  Yes, I know I said I was only going to take one photo but right now I have a whole set of images where you look like you are going to cry.  I can't post those on my blog. People will think I am a horrible mother.

OK, you finally smiled.  Yay...  But your eyes are CLOSED!  Seriously Duke, you are driving me crazy.  I just wanted one good photo, just one.  I am covered in sweat, mosquito- and puppy bites and you are giving me these horrible, miserable faces.  How hard is it to smile, really...

I give up. Go inside and get a drink of water.  Thanks for nothing.  Luckily I am a Photoshop genius and I am sure I can merge shots and get one decent image for my {Friday Photo Bliss} post this week where I don't look like I am abusing you.

There, just as I imagined it.  Perfection.

Now I will go take some photos of my favorite son. 

Puppy, here is a little stick!  You want this stick, right?  I can see you side-eyeing it.  Come on, you can get it!


I used the Pretty Presets Milk & Honey preset on these images. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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  1. OMG! What an absolute riot. When I got to the photoshopped head, I started laughing out loud and couldn't stop. At least your 'favourite son' was a little more cooperative! ;)

    Have a great weekend. Rita!

    Lisa D.

    1. Lisa, I cracked myself up when I posted that crazy picture. ;-) I really tried fixing it for real but got frustrated!!! So glad you enjoyed it!!! We are nuts here. :-) Have a great weekend. Rita

  2. When I try to get pics of my Hubby and kids I get the Calvin and Hobbes faces.

    1. Oh, I get that look too from Imp, the younger one. He is totally a Calvin!!!

  3. Ahhh! This gives me no hope for the future. I thought that my obstinate 2 year old would get better about looking at and smiling for the camera, but I guess not! (Come to think of it, even my husband grimaces when I ask him to smile for the camera, so I guess it really does never end.)
    Better luck next Friday! Love the perfect smiling shot!! :)


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