Friday, July 17

CoffeeShop "Friday Photo Bliss"

I haven't done any "Friday Photo Bliss" posts recently and I miss writing them.  "Friday Photo Bliss" is when I post some of my favorite images from the week that make me happy.

I will start it off with a new sleeping puppy photo.  See his little heart spot? Nothing is more sweet than a sleeping baby. He still loves his elephant.

Imp made some homemade bubble solution and spent over an hour entertaining Piper.  Piper did eat a few of the bubbles but he didn't get sick. Puppies and boys are so easily occupied.

Our neighbors and best friends have three wonderful boys, a gorgeous house, and a cool, deep pool. We spend a lot of time in their pool and this is where Piper learned to swim.  I love that I have a water dog and can't wait to bring him to the lake at my favorite park.

I wish we had a pool. Maybe we should consider getting one.

So two days ago I bit the bullet and invested in our own (wading) pool.  Not bad for $5, right?  Piper certainly loves it.

My 6-year old nephew is staying with us right now and Imp and Des are best friends.  They also love our new pool.

I love photographing crazy boys who are up to anything. I even got out my "real" camera to capture a few shots.

I have a story about my beloved "real" camera.  The other day I was photographing Piper with my Canon Rebel in the backyard.  The phone rang inside so I left my camera up on a chair in the back and completely forgot the puppy was still out there.

About ten or fifteen minutes later I remembered I left the dog AND my camera outside.  I rushed to the back door and saw my camera on the cement deck, in the mouth of my puppy.  He was really enjoying his new teething toy.

Yes, he pulled my camera off a chair onto cement and was using it as a chew toy.

I was a bit upset at first, but the camera seems fine.  It took a licking and kept on ticking.  Am I dating myself with that sentence?

These kids had a blast. Goes to show you don't have to put in a $40,000 pool to have a great time.  At least if you are six and eight years old.

All you need is a $5 pool, a water hose, and a friend. Only one friend because there isn't room for anyone else.

The boys jumped in the pool before I had a chance to warn them to change out the water.  I don't know what Piper was doing in the pool earlier, but I didn't see anything floating in the pool so I am just not going to worry about it.

Duke says he was just sitting there.  I hope Duke was right.

I love the evenings.  The boys are all snuggled in bed and my puppy is worn out.  A glass of wine and time to watch a favorite show with my sweet husband.

Now if I could only think of a way to keep my worn-out husband awake so we can finish watching Justified.  I am completely enamored with Timothy Olyphant. I bet Timothy doesn't fall asleep in front of the tv on his recliner.

Who am I fooling, most men fall asleep on their recliners watching tv.  ;-) The weird thing is my husband sleeps during the shows he likes, but if I decide to turn on something like Downton Abby he instantly wakes up and complains about me watching "chick" shows. Go figure.

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. I love your Friday Family Blogs!! great fun to see your kids and their dog growing up!!

  2. Thanks for the family update. It is like we're right there with you.

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

    Lisa D.

  3. We're currently "binge watching" Justified at our house too! I'm going to be so sad when it's over...


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