Monday, June 8

"I Don't Like Puppies" Update and Rat Infestation!

It has been quite a roller coaster the last week since we adopted Piper.  He came to us very sick (all his brothers and sisters had died) and didn't seem to be getting better, so after a really bad day Friday (I was rushing him outside to go to the restroom every 10-20 minutes!) I brought him back to the vet.  

He had a high fever and bad diarrhea and the vet wanted to retest him for parvo.  The boys and I tried to hold off our tears those ten long horrible minutes we spent waiting for the results.  We had already lost one dog last month, I couldn't imagine losing another one so soon.

But thankfully he was negative and the vet said he must have a really nasty intestinal bacterial infection.  This was after he already had a bad upper-respiratory infection AND a belly full of parasites.  He just doesn't get a break.  Poor little guy.

We were sent home with some antibiotics and told to give him lots of care and love.

That wasn't a problem.  Even though my husband and I don't like puppies.

Within 24 hours Piper was acting like a normal healthy puppy and and quickly acquired the nickname "Cujo".  That bite drew blood. Darn cute ferocious puppy.

But luckily he has more "Piper" moments than "Cujo" moments.  My husband who does not like puppies gives Piper lots of snuggle time.

Piper really likes to keep an eye on us when we are in the kitchen.  Since most of his short life he has been sick, it can be challenging to find things he will eat.  Dog food disgusts him and he refuses to eat it.  So right now he gets roasted chicken, homemade-by-Rita grain-free pancakes with banana and pumpkin, some cooked veggies, and bits of steak/hamburger/chicken hearts.

He likes to keep an eye on us in the kitchen and bark when he smells something tasty.  There is my husband who doesn't consider himself a dog-person preparing special treats for the puppy that he doesn't like but pretends to like so the boys won't know their dad has no feelings for cute little puppies who are so adorable and cuddly (and sometimes bite-y).

Yes, Piper is the boss of all of us...

Now, on to our rat infestation. No, you are not seeing things, Imp really does have four impish rats crawling all over him.

You might recall that we have three rats (Domino, Spotty, and Charlotte).  Well, my niece had Spotty and Charlotte's sisters (Moon and Star) and unfortunately found out she is very allergic to rats.  Rats are quite difficult to re-home to someone who will adore them and not feed them to slimy snakes, so we told her we would take them.

Yes, we now have five rats and one puppy...

Feel free to judge.   ;-)

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  1. Ha! No judgment here! That is all too cute! Glad you're a rat person (I'm a rabbit, cat and sometimes dog person)! ;)

  2. I am not a dog person, and SO not a puppy person, but sometimes an animal in need will really change your heart. And my nickname is Mischief, because at one time my husband and I had 14 rats (a group of rats is a mischief) ... and we had to raise a litter of wild rittens when their next was ripped up at a construction site. :)

  3. Piper the pup is adorable, but very squeamish about those rats!!!! Imp is BRAVE!

  4. Poor little puppy! No body likes puppies at your house (yeah, RIGHT!) LOL He doesn't know how lucky he is! As far as the rats, I have known some people with pet rats that they treated just like cats! Just don't ever let your boys see the movie "Ben"! LOL

    I was thinking, we really have to roll with the punches as parents. It makes no matter what you may plan for your child, the child and life in general will make mincemeat out of those plans. I would eventually learn to grit my teeth through a thinly veiled smile and tell myself, "We'll make it! We'll make it just fine!" LOL

    And, we have made it! All three of mine are grown and are decent, law abiding citizens, doing their own things with their own families. See? We always make it and you all will, too!

    Hang in there!


  5. So happy you've found some new furry loves to fill up your home!


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