Wednesday, June 3

I Am NOT A Puppy-Person!

We are still missing Blackberry so much.  She was such a wonderful dog and our house seems so different without her.  I still look for her all of the time and our family walks are just not the same.

My husband and I decided we wanted another dog but we weren't in any big rush.  Our wonderful neighbor and her family foster dogs and cats from many of our area shelters.  I knew she would find the perfect rescue dog for our family.  I told her we were looking for a new family dog that was mid-sized, kid-friendly, and absolutely positively NOT a puppy.  

Nope, I am not a puppy person, I like my dogs house-broken and not chewing on everything.

Then last week she sent us a photo of her newest foster baby.  He was almost eight weeks old and the only surviving puppy of his litter.  He came to her very sick and the shelter had already written him off. But this little guy is a fighter and seems to just have a bad case of treatable intestinal parasites.

Three vets so far have no idea of his breed, but the best guess is some type of hound-mix.  They think he is going to be lab-sized or smaller.  And yes, he is a puppy.  

My neighbor assured me that there was no pressure, she just thought he was cute and had to share. She often sends us pictures of her rescue animals.  She knows I didn't want a puppy and she respects that decision.  

However, I can admire his sweet face without any pressure.  He is pretty adorable.  For a puppy.

My husband doesn't want a puppy either. He completely 100% agrees with me that we are not getting a puppy.

Duke  and Imp want a puppy, but all kids like puppies because they have no idea how much work they cause their humans.  No ten-year-old is going to make this decision for me.  Nope, we are NOT getting a puppy.

Well, maybe we will take him for an overnight just to give his foster mom a break.  Yeah, that is a great idea.  It will teach the boys to help people and animals out.  I can handle a puppy for 24 hours.  Then the kids can see how much work it is to keep a puppy.  What a great idea!

Goodness, he is certainly cute when he sleeps.  And he is already peeing on demand and hasn't had any accidents.

Look at those long little legs.  He is pretty adorable, I guess, for a puppy.

But I don't like puppies.

Oh no, he has a perfect brown heart-shaped spot on his side.  This is a game changer for sure.

I really don't want a puppy, but that is probably a sign that we should adopt him.  Right?  How many dogs have a perfect heart-shaped spot on their side?  Maybe I do want THIS puppy?  Maybe it is meant to be?

Yep, we adopted Piper, who is a puppy.  And in 48 hours he is already an adored member of our family. He is a super-genius, according to my husband, as he pees on command and has not had any messes in his little dog cave. YET.  I think my husband is delusional, but I guess he really loves this puppy.

And I am apparently am also a puppy-person.  He woke me up at 4:15 this morning because he had to go outside to go the bathroom.

And I wasn't even mad.  I think I even gave him a little kiss.  Oh gosh...

It is true love. HELP!!!

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  1. He's absolutely adorable. It is hard to take a new pet after the loss of one, but you are doing a good thing by giving this little furbaby a nice home. He's very lucky. Puppies are such creatures of habit, and I'm sure the foster mom can advise, but I've always just followed the same path to the door and same routine and the pups we've had have not really done much damage. Lots of toys to chew on helps.

    I will share, when we got Razzy, he would go to the door when wanting out, and I usually always took him to the same door walking the same path. Well, I decided to rearrange the furniture. That was the only time he had an accident, and someone told me that I'd changed his smell trail. Not sure if that's true at all, but I moved the furniture back, and no more accident. haha...
    Have fun, and enjoy the new puppy. Congratulations and spoil away. Even though we waited 7 years to get another pet after Kassy passed (our poodle) and only reason we waited was because the kids were all adults with lives of their own, and we thought we didn't need another pet in our twilight years. :) But Razzy keeps us on our toes and moving.

  2. i was so heartbroken when i read your post about blackberry's passing and i know it left a huge hole in all of your hearts. sounds like that sweet little piper hasn't had it easy either, so maybe the universe decided to bring you all together. and seriously-that face and the heart spot...i'm sure he was part of the family from the first tail wag.


    can't wait to see more pics of piper and thank you for all your generous actions, tutorials, etc. i realy enjoy your blog and your tutorials.

  3. I never, I say NEVER wanted a puppy. My daughter who still lives at home decided for her college grad gift she would get herself a puppy. Oh goodie, I thought. Well that puppy (a small yorkie) stoled our hearts. Actually, so much that when my daughter just recently moved out (finally), she took Biscuit :(. I was traumatized. Though I didnt have to train him, take to the vet or feed him. I just cuddled with him.
    So here's what happened. I was so lonely, I only work one day a week(yeah), that I started contemplating a puppy. No, I didnt want to potty train, pay vet bills $$$, worry about adjusting to our home and leaving him. WELL, my awesome brother in law brought home a puppy for him. Wish I had a picture, he was adorable to say the least. After being around him for a week, I lightly said, "when they have another litter, please let me know", he decided to just send the website to me. That was it!!!! I saw Tucker in those pictures, and now I have a new man in my life. Yes, its been work, but boy do I love him.
    Im sure Piper is going to make everyone very happy.

  4. Thank you Peabea, and what great training advice. I will remember that!

    And midnightblustudio, thank you so much for your kind words. We miss Blackberry so much and little Piper is not a replacement, but just another loved family member. It really helps having him to concentrate on. Plus I love that he is such a little fighter.

    dborato, you know exactly what I went through!!! Crazy, right? At least I know if he is a monster when he grows up it is my fault, I can't blame someone else. ;-)

  5. I had a nice little chuckle at your blog post today... but seriously, how can you resist when you see such a cutie! He looks like he's got some lab and maybe some Australian Shepard??? Hard to tell, but he sure is sweet! I'm very happy for you guys... I really felt so sad for you all after you lost your beloved Blackberry.

    Puppies are like toddlers... consistency is key (and try not to let them get too bored!) Good luck!

  6. Who rescues whom? Blackberry was blessed to be with you and now Piper will too! He's lovely and every pup needs a home. The heart is adorable and sometimes you just know, I have two rescues and a full bred and the joy they bring is crazy. Really who could say no to those eyes! Enjoy every minute and take lots of pictures!

  7. Oh my he is DARLING!

    You know, I never ever wanted a dog. I am a cat person. And then one day, I met THE dog. The Hubs said no more pets, and I couldn't help myself, I cried for days. Exactly one week after we met her, she joined our family. That was 2 years ago this month. I had a friend say that you don't ever go looking for a dog, a dog finds you.

    Enjoy your sweet genius puppy.

  8. I am so happy for you and your family. It is lovely that you have found the perfect thing to start to fill the whole in your family. I am under pressure from my kids to get a new dog too. Like you I still (after 5 months) look for Maggie all the time. Part of me wants another dog, but I don't know if I can put myself through the potential loss again, and what if I can't love a new dog as much? That would be unfair on the new dog. I am torn.
    Enjoy your new family member. He is just gorgeous!

  9. I LOVE how you wrote this! The photos with your hubby=TRUE LOVE! I also love the photo of Piper spread out under the chair. Yes, you HAD to get the puppy with the heart on his side!

  10. Amazing how they capture our hearts, even when we are guarding against it! This little guy is so cute. We went looking for a rescue dog (NOT puppy), too. And, we too, brought home an adorable little puppy. I mean, when you pick her up and she crawls up and snuggles right under your chin and lets out a great, big sigh. Well, what can you do with that but walk out the door with your new little family member. I'm sure Piper will be a wonderful addition to your family.

  11. Haha what a cute write-up, and yes Piper is ADORABLE!!! My husband thinks he wants a puppy but so far we've only gotten older shelter/rescue pups. Maybe he will find a super genius like Piper one day and I will be won over like you!

  12. I love this! :D

    He's so adorable!

    I'm not a puppy person either...until I saw Piper...!

  13. I'm glad you adopted Piper! If you didn't, we would have;) Absolutely adorable!!! And yes, the heart-shaped spot was a game changer!!! How unique:) Have fun!!! So happy for you all!!!

  14. From one Rita to another, Wow, Im with you on puppies & in my house it seems that Im always overruled by my husband & 4 kids...your pup looks like the jack-russell pup that we used to have that also had a heart on her side only she was a short-haired & her name was Suki, in Japanese meaning I love you. I wish I could send you a pic so you could see their similarities cause she & Piper totally look almost alike other than than the fur. Have fun & provide, lots and lots of chew toys.

  15. Awesome story !!! I fell in love with Piper :-) I'll wait more photos of him....just I want to kiss him :-)

  16. what an adorable they all are. How can you not love a

  17. Oh Rita, Your post was just what I needed. When I read it last night, I actually exclaimed out loud, "Rita, you have to get him." I was so glad to see you fought your instincts to bring that sweet pea into your loving family. Looks like Piper was made to order for your household. What a wonderful post!

  18. Rita, I am so glad you found Piper to fill the hole in you and your family's hearts. He is so adorable and needs you too!!!

  19. Oh my gosh, how could you NOT fall in love with this guy. Well, obviously you couldn't. lol
    He is in the best home I can imagine.

  20. I had missed the original intro post of Piper. Such a cutie. Good luck with your not-a-puppy and all his not-a-puppy antics that are sure to come!

    Lisa D.


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