Friday, May 15

Thank you so much!

I just wanted to thank all of you who left such lovely comments here and on my Facebook page about the loss of our friend Blackberry.  The boys and I have read every one and they really comforted us. It has been two days since we lost her and we still keep on glancing out the back door, searching for her smiling face.

I was trying to find a decent photo of me with Blackberry but only found a few blurry snapshots. This one was taken by my mom when we went out to my parent's land out in East Texas. They have fifty mostly-wooded acres and we were exploring an old log cabin deep in the woods.  I grew up playing in those woods so it has been such a joy to bring my own family out there to visit. Blackberry went crazy exploring everywhere and swimming in the pond. She had a non-stop doggy grin on her face and it was a day to remember.

My dear son Duke made me cry yesterday.  He mentioned that now we will never get to bring Blackberry to the beach and when he said that I couldn't stop crying.  We had been planning on bringing her on a day trip out to Galveston Island for years. Once we trained her to walk on her e-collar we were so excited because she would finally be able to run free on the beach.  I paid extra for the waterproof collar so she could jump in the surf and swim with us.  Blackberry loved to swim.

A few weeks ago we decided to go to the beach just for the afternoon.  It was sunny and cool and the perfect opportunity to finally bring Blackberry along.  I called the Mexican restaurant on the seawall where we normally eat to make sure they still allowed dogs on their outside patio.  Unfortunately they said no dogs allowed so we decided we would bring her next time.  And now there is no next time...

But you know what, Blackberry didn't care that she never went to the beach. She was happy anywhere, as long as she was with us.

I miss you so much little girl.

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  1. So so sorry about your beautiful dog...I hope comfort and healing come soon.


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