Wednesday, May 20

My Review of the Pretty Presets "Luminous Collection: Bokeh, Sun Flare and Haze": I LOVE THEM!!!

I love using Lightroom and the only presets I use besides my own are Pretty Presets. Today I wanted to review the new "Luminous Collection: Bokeh, Sun Flare and Haze" for Lightroom 5, 6, and CC.

Note: If you are a Photoshop/PSE user then check out Luxe Photoshop Action's "Sun Flare Light Overlays". They are on special right now.

I was so excited when Laura of Pretty Presets sent me her newest Lightroom preset collection "Luminous"  to review.  I always want to capture beautiful light straight-out-of-camera, but often I am shooting at less than ideal situations and I want to add some beautiful light during the editing process or I have a beautiful image that can really be enhanced with some subtle or dramatic lighting.  I had no idea you could even do this in Lightroom until I started using these presets.

One of the things I love about the " Luminous Collection" is that unlike light overlays in Photoshop or PSE, the presets are completely adjustable (here is a excellent video tutorial showing you how to customize them for your own images).   When I ran them I I usually loved them as-is, but on some images I wanted to remove some of the light effect from parts of the image (like the face) and it was so easy following the steps in that tutorial. 

Another thing I love about this set is many of them can be layered with some presets to create stunning edits.  This video will walk you through layering presets.  I have some sample images toward the bottom of this post. 

For this review I used two beautiful images from Jill Wellington (Vintage Val with Magnolia and Vintage Val with Hat).  You can read all about Jill's "Vintage Val" photoshoot here, it is such a great post!  I ran the presets from the "Luminous Collection" without any adjustments on the images below.


Creamy Sunflare Left


Golden Glow

Golden Hour


Rose Petals

Sunshine Right 1

Another thing that is remarkable about the "Luminous" collection is that you can layer many of them on top of some presets!  Here is a great video discussing layering presets in Lightroom.  


Bejeweled V1  (from the Fine Arts Film set, not included in "Luminous")

Bejeweled V1 + Creamy Sunflare Right from "Luminous"

So to conclude this review I wanted to let you know that I love the Pretty Presets "Luminous Collection" and personally think it is worth every penny.  In just a few clicks I have gorgeous adjustable light.

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