Wednesday, April 15

Bluebonnet Fields Forever

If you are a Texan or know anyone that is a Texan you are aware of our passion for bluebonnets.  It is our state flower and in March we have gorgeous fields of bluebonnets everywhere.  The state even seeds the sides of our major highways so that they look like a beautiful impressionistic painting during March and April.

If you want to keep your Texan citizenship there is an unwritten law that you must make a special bluebonnet drive every spring and risk snake and fire ant-bites to photograph your loved ones surrounded by a field of blue.  We used to have our own bluebonnet field, but since we have moved to our new house in a subdivision I look forward to our annual bluebonnet car trip with the boys.

My mom usually goes with us on our annual bluebonnet adventure.  I love my mom. ♥  She is my partner-in-crime and completely neurotic like me.  She is always up for a car trip and have so much fun hanging out together.

This year the indian paintbrushes were everywhere, so I had to snap a few images of the boys in these gorgeous red fields.  I am probably going to be kicked out of our state taking a posed wildflower photo in a Texas field without even one lonely bluebonnet in sight.  ;-)

Imp had a great time getting some exercise after spending some time in the car. This kid goes and goes all day long but once it hits eight PM he is out like a light.

Duke wanted a photo with his favorite penguin friend.  Wow, his glasses are really crooked.  That is because he spends so much time scuffling with his little brother.

Of course my favorite images are always the candid shots of the boys.  This photo makes me so happy!  See what I mean about Duke's glasses?

I did find a few bluebonnets in the field.  Now may I stay in Texas?

We went to Washington-on-the-Brazos and found a field with both bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes and I managed to convince the boys to stay still for a minute so I could grab a few more shots.  As you can tell my boys dress themselves, love Crocs, and also are scared of combs.  I love these crazy little guys of mine.

(Duke and Imp, March 2008)

Right now I am really taking time to "smell the flowers" and enjoy these years with the boys because they are growing up so fast.  It was just the other day when I had a baby and a toddler in the bluebonnet field (see pic above)...  But as much as I love the boys I am so happy I have this blog as my creative outlet. It keeps me sane.  ;-)
I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather in your neck of the woods.  Happy spring!!!

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