Friday, March 27, 2015

No Regrets?

I was blessed with an amazing husband and a wonderful mother- and father-in-law.  I have known them all since I was seventeen years old (when I started dating my husband), so they watched me "grow-up" and become an adult.

My mother-in-law Rose is a soft-spoken, beautiful woman.  She is also very wise and one of her favorite quotes was "Say nothing and have no regrets".  I don't know if she made this up or read it somewhere, but I honestly didn't get it when I was younger.  I had plenty to say (like most young people) and words would pour out of my big mouth before my brain had time to process them.

Luckily this was before social media so what I said was vocalized on the phone or directly to my poor victims and there was no recorded proof of me repeatedly putting my foot in my mouth.

Then along came the internet.  And email.  And Facebook...

I have a habit of reading my friends and family Facebook posts late at night after a glass of wine.  Funny how wise I get when I am tired and tipsy...

I love to give advice, even when no advice is needed nor wanted.  Especially to my dear "little" sister Heather. Fortunately she loves me very much and realizes that older sisters often feel the need to "rescue" little sisters. So she just lets me blab away.

But my big mouth doesn't just affect my family.  Just last week I was telling my husband that his niece might "unfriend" me because I had annoyed her with one of my comments.  It was one of those times my thoughts did not translate well to the written word and I came off sounding like an idiot. That happens quite a bit.

My husband looked me in the eye and told me that I should do what he does and  "say nothing, and have no regrets".

And I finally got it.  I really, really, really got it.

And if I actually start following Rose's sage advice I might not get this reaction from my friends and family quite as much.

"Say nothing, have no regrets."  Word.

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  1. Great advice! I love the images!! So sweet no matter his expression:) What black and white edit did you use?

  2. Thank you Margaret!!! I used my Java Matte preset. And I was searching for the link on my site and it looks like I have never posted it up there! I will add it next week.

  3. Very true words. Especially in this day and age. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa D.

  4. I was this close to unsubscribe, when I read your "no regrets". The only thing I can say is thank you for those thoughts. I always try to keep my words to myself, especially in family matters. Today I was thinking why do I do that when hurtful words come my way, no one else does, maybe it's time for me to speak out. AND THEN... I read your blog, and I stopped and thought "No regrets".
    I love your work, but sometimes I wonder why I keep reading your blog. This one will keep me a fan forever. Best wishes and thank you again

  5. I am so happy you enjoyed my post and thank you so much for continuing to read my blog!

  6. Thank you so much Lisa! I just need to follow her advice more often. ;-)

  7. That's great! Definitely something for me to live by as well.

  8. If you want to download the Lightroom presets I used on these images you can find them here.


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