Friday, March 6

I Blame His Father...

Yesterday was a gorgeous day so we went and explored the woods near our house and found these old hay holders.  I am sure they aren't really called hay holders so chime in if you know their technical name. Hay Supports?  Dried-Grass Engineering Buttresses?  Cow Buffet Substructures? Circular Metal Hay Ramparts?

The boys decided to play that they were hamsters on wheels.  I told them that was fine, but they better be careful because they could knock out all of their teeth.  I have a phobia about my kids knocking out their teeth.  Imp had to have one tooth removed years ago when he fell and knocked his front tooth, scraped all of the skin off the top of that tooth and exposed the bone (like a skull, YUCK), and bit through his lower lip.

Literally ten seconds after my sage advice, Imp ran over to me holding his nose. Great, now I have a new nose phobia.

It didn't appear to be broken but had already started swelling.  Imp said it didn't hurt but I wanted to take a photo and send it to their dad and complain that he was the reason I had to deal with these crazy boys thanks to him only donating Y-chromosomes to the cause...

When I took this photo with my old smartphone, it looked washed out and out-of-focus.  Of course, that could be due to a tiny screen, over-40's eyes, and my insane vanity of refusing to wear reading glasses...

No problem, I would take a photo of Imp over here in the shade.  Duke wanted to be in the photo so I told him to move in the background so I could focus on Imp's nose.

Oops, Imp looks a bit out-of-focus.  Darn smartphone has a stupid camera. Why didn't I bring my real camera?

Imp is still out of focus. I obviously need to take a few more shots.

This is a bit better, but it is driving me crazy that  Imp is not looking at the camera. I will tell him to look at my eyes when I take the next shoot.

I think his hearing is as good as my eyes.  At least this one is in focus but he is still not looking at me.  Let me try again.  I have to get a good shot of his nose to send to my husband.

You know, he might not be looking at the camera, but the image looks pretty focused.  Maybe I should just stop.

No, I will take one more.

Great, he closed his eyes.  I will try once again.

Yep, this is it.  Imp looks pretty good.  Let me look through the photos when I get home and send my favorite to his Dad.

It wasn't until later when I was going through the images that I noticed Duke in the background.

Yep, he is his father's kid.  Did I mention I wanted little girls?

Have a great weekend!!!

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