Wednesday, March 18

CoffeeShop "Lace" Social Media Button Set!

I had a website client ask me if I had any lace-inspired social media buttons.  What a great idea! I had already designed some doily brushes (I will post them here later) so I quickly put together a fully-cutomizable set of three different types of "lace" social media button.  And of course I am going to share my creation with you.  I love when my readers give me new ideas!

These can be any color you want and can be used anywhere you want, no attribution necessary.  I just ask that you don't sell the set "as is" as I want to keep them free.

CoffeeShop "Lace" Social Media Button Set Tutorial:

Open the .psd layered CoffeeShop "Lace" file in Photoshop or PSE.

1.  Pick your favorite lace pattern on the bottom (Lace 1, 2, or 3). Turn it on (click on the little square on the left) and also click on the color adjustment layer above it.  Then adjust the color using the color adjustment layer.

NOTE:  Make sure you only have one Lace set on.  There are three; one is marked red, the second is yellow, and the final one is green.  Turn off the ones you are not using.  Lace 1 will be turned on when you first open the file.

2.  Turn on the social media button needed (found on the top). In the screenshot I turned on the Twitter button.

If you want to change the color of the social media icon just group a color fill adjustment layer to it.  Otherwise it will be white.

3.  Save your button as a png file and upload it to your site.

Additional notes:  If you want to add a button not found in this set, simply add a new layer on top and drag the new icon on top of it and resize it to fit the lace background.

I hope you enjoy customizing and using my newest social media button set.

Download the CoffeeShop " Lace" Social Media Button Set.  You can also download it here.

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