Saturday, January 10

What We Do On These Gloomy Winter Days.

What do we do on those gloomy winter days where we are still recovering from the "Virus From Hades"?  We make cookies!  The boys have been begging for me to make some so I printed out the recipe (and substituted 1/4 cup of hazelnut flour for the almond flour and increased the chocolate chips to 1/2 cup) and let Duke free in the kitchen.  

He made a mess (which he did clean up) and the cookies were a delicious success and now he has been promoted to Main Cookie High Chef of the Household.  

There is no way we are going outside right now in the drizzle, so what better way to spend your day than in bed.  Blackberry is living the life.  She just wishes she could learn to use the toilet for something besides a water dish (YUCK) because she hates to get wet cold feet every time she needs to powder her nose…  "Please don't put me out, I can hold it, I promise. "

And what better way to fight the cold than to cuddle.  Domino, our black-and-white older rattie finally realized that she was tired of living a life of solitude and has moved into the home of our babies Spottie Dottie and Charlotte.  They cuddle and play and are already close friends.  I don't know how they all squeeze into their space pod.

You haven't experienced complete bedlam until you have three hyper rats and two almost-as hyper boys in bed with you while you are trying to read them all a book.  Blackberry of course is in the other room on the bed because she thinks rats are for snacks, not pets.

But you know, life is good!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I have a really fun tutorial/freebie coming out tomorrow so I hope to see you here.  :-)

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