Sunday, December 21

CoffeeShop "Pretty In Pink" Lightroom Presets!

Happy Sunday! Yesterday I received this gorgeous maternity photo from Jill Wellington and I was inspired to create some new LR presets to share with you.  Today I have two different pink presets, one that is hazy/low contrast and another one with more contrast.  

These presets are best used on jpgs that have already have a clean edit.  You can see the Preset setting above for both presets.  I don't adjust any of the basic settings, just the Presence, Tone Curve (different in both presets as seen above) and Split Toning.

The only difference between the two presets is the Vibrance and Tone Curve adjustments, so you can adjust those settings to get something in-between if you want.  Presets are super easy to adjust, so don't hesitate to tweak them on your own images.  :-)

This is the  SOOC image which is already perfect.  But you know me, I love to add a bit of artistic color/contrast.

Here is the "Pretty In Pink" Preset after, no adjustments.  If you want to remove some of the haze, just drag the point on the curve downward and to the right.

Here is the "Pretty in Pink High Contrast" Preset after, no adjustments.

I hope you enjoy playing with my newest preset set!  I have another preset coming out this week called "Velvet Butter".  It is already in my download pack, I just need to write the post.  I plan on posting a few goodies up to Christmas.  Then I hope to take a few days off to enjoy my crazy but lovable family.

Happy Editing!!!

Download the CoffeeShop Pretty In Pink Presets.

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  1. Hi Rita I enjoy your blog so much! Could you give me directions on how to make a photo mosaic in ps5.. I can't figure it out. Adding 100's of photos to make it look like one image. Thanks for all you do!

  2. I learned something! How to get higher contrast in the matte look, Wow, I been using curves for a little while and didn't figure this out or even think to look it up, i just been bustin up that contrast slider and not getting happy results. Thank you!

    1. That is great! I should write more Lightroom tutorials!!!

  3. links are not working to download ='(


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