Monday, November 17

CoffeeShop "Floral Christmas" Digital Paper Pack!

For some reason this year we have been getting into the Christmas spirit early.  We usually don't do any decorating until after Thanksgiving, but my husband is out there today hanging out the lights.  We are having the big family Thanksgiving at our house this year so we decided to have everything decorated before our guests arrive.

Today we finished most of our Christmas shopping for presents and decorating (we are finally replacing our bedraggled $35 Christmas tree with a fancy $150 one).  I am also in a fall-cleaning mood and have been going through all of my stuff and making a pile of things I want to donate.  I have way too much stuff (especially for homeschooling and crafts) and I get overwhelmed.  I need to get things put away neatly now that I have torn it all out.  Boy, what a mess...

As I know you are well-organized (unlike me) and designing your Christmas cards and storyboards,  I went ahead and made a set of Christmas digital papers for you to download. I hope you enjoy them!!!

Download the CoffeeShop "Floral Christmas" Digital Paper Pack.  You can also download it here.

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