Thursday, October 30

This and That

"Yellow Flowers" processed in LR4 with Pretty Presets "Color Luxe" Clean and Matte Base, then edited in Photoshop with "Tumeric" texture from the Flypaper Pastel Painterly Set.
It has been a crazy week with major ups and downs.  We went to Austin and Fredericksburg for my husband's birthday and had a great time hiking and visiting museums and wineries.  Once I go through my photos I will post a few on my blog.  It was really such a great trip and we visited a few places the boys had never seen before.  The image above was taking at Hamilton Pool outside of Austin.  The fall colors and flowers were gorgeous.

We had a wonderful time on our trip and I was sad we had to come back home so soon.  That evening, around 4:30 am, I woke up horribly ill with a stomach virus (norovirus?) and felt so sick I thought I was going to die.  I spent yesterday crawling from the toilet back to the bed with occasional thoughts of "Oh my gosh, I have Ebola" crossing my illogical sick mind.  We had visited Dallas at the height of the Ebola crisis, but I was pretty sure I just had a normal stomach virus since my both my sisters, their families, and my mom had just gone through the same virus and had survived.

Today I am weak but was able to eat a bit of breakfast.  The kids are happy I feel better, but they did enjoy the hours and hours they spend on Minecraft and watching the Penguins of Madagascar.  I don't like my kids spending too much of their lives on screen time, but when any of us are sick there are no limits.  :-)  What in the world did moms do when they got sick before they had a television to babysit the kids?

I have a new action coming out this week and a few other fun goodies.  I hope to be back to normal by tomorrow so I will feel up to working on the computer.  Right now I am going to go back to bed and feel sorry for myself for a few more hours.  I figure I can milk this sickness until the end of the day.  ;-)

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  1. That's awful, Rita! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I am terribly sorry you were so ill but am glad you are recovering.

    I read your blog and miss Texas so much. It is nice to read of it. I do visit a couple times a year, and 'tuck away' places you've been as possible future visits.

    Your yellow flower photo was lovely!

    Take care, get well soon!



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