Tuesday, August 19

Tubing in San Marcos, TX

You might have noticed I skipped my normal Sunday post this last weekend.  My husband and I decided last minute (Sat. night) that it was time to make our traditional August road trip to San Marcos, TX to go tubing.  We hadn't gone yet this month because Imp had to recover from strep throat, and if you have kids you know that if you have a small window where everyone is well you better make time to go on your holiday.

So Sunday morning I was frantically packing clothes for our trip, asking my neighbor if she could watch our dog and rat, and watering my flower garden; and thus had no time to get on the computer.

We had a great time floating down the river on our Lion's Club rental tubes and cheap boxed white wine and plastic wine glasses.  The kids enjoyed sparkling water and bacon jerky (yes, bacon jerky!).  Please ignore my hair and goofy grin…  Sometimes it is better when you don't have your camera phone easily available.

The water was cold and crystal clear, and our tubing neighbors were friendly and just as happy as we were to enjoy a flawless 100 degree Sunday afternoon.  We floated for about an hour along the peaceful river, lined by beautiful shady trees.

Toward the end the boys enjoyed the rope swings tied to massive cypress trees.  You can see Duke flying through the air and Isaac hanging out safely on his tube trying to thaw.

Then we enjoyed the small rapids at the end of our peaceful float (Imp and Duke's first time to go down the "white water" and they did great!), grabbed the bus back to where we started, and enjoyed a nice swim in the river. And froze our rears off once again.

The perfect ending of a Texas Tubing Day of Fun has to be some Mexican food at Garcia's and bedtime at 9:30. Yes, we were that wiped out!

As we were driving home the next day we decided that we might have to do a replay either this weekend or next weekend…  Sometimes it is fun to break our summer tubing tradition and go twice in August.   I better stock up on more sunscreen, bacon jerky, and sparking water!  ;-)

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