Tuesday, July 29

CoffeeShop Color Pop 3 Photoshop/PSE action!

I wrote the CoffeeShop ColorPop 2 action years ago and I have quite a few people ask me to update it, so today I present to you the CoffeeShop ColorPop 3 action!  This action eliminates the step that creates a duplicate image for the edit, and I also removed the vignette function to speed up the action.

There are two color pop layers, one vivid pop and one with a punch of color/contrast. Turn on your favorite Color Pop layer and then if needed adjust the opacity and/or use the layer mask to remove any unwanted color (especially important on skin).

I found this amazing photo on Pixabay.  All of the images there are public domain and many of them are just stunning.

Download the free CoffeeShop ColorPop 3 Photoshop/PSE action.

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  1. Decaf Pop -- I love that name! Thank you AGAIN for the action. Love your actions!


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